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Interdisciplinary Approach in Science

In science, the interdisciplinary approach can be discussed under three headings:

  1. Correlation of science subjects with one another.
  2. Correlation of science with other school subjects.
  3. Correlation of science with life and environment.

1. Relationship Of Science Subjects With One Another

Each science subject is inter-reliant with each other. An interdisciplinary approach is vital for a better understanding.

For example:

  1. A biology teacher while teaching digestion needs to use the knowledge of chemistry.
  2. The atomic structure and the electronic configuration of atoms, elements, radioactive isotopes are areas common to physics and chemistry.
  3. Photosynthesis in Botany is taught by an interdisciplinary approach between Botany and chemistry.

2. Relationship Of Science With Other School Subjects

The relationship of science with other subjects can be discussed as:

(i) Relationship Of Science With Social Studies

Science has changed our way of thinking and the standard of living.

  • Transportation facilities,
  • mass media,
  • films,
  • cinema theatres,
  • magic shows, etc., are all scientific inventions that make our lives different.

Many superstitious beliefs are vividly explained on the basis of scientific principles. Every day, science has its play from dawn to night. 

(ii) Relationship Of Science With Languages

Children can’t express themselves until they develop a good language (both written and spoken) skill.

(iii) Relationship Of Science With Painting and  Drawing

Diagrams in science have an important place without diagrams, we cannot grapple the theoretical descriptions effectively without drawing. Preparations of

  • Charts,
  • Models,
  • Diagrams etc., require skill in drawing.

Without proper diagrams, the teacher cannot teach some complex concepts such as the structure of atoms, etc.,Drawing is of immense significance in every branch of science.

(iv) Relationship Of Science With History

The life of a nation is greatly influenced by the application of scientific discovery to national trade, industry, diet, and standards of living and by the imparting of current scientific thought on the general idea of the age.

(v) Relationship Of Science With Geography

  1. To understand concepts like:
    • conventional currents in the air and in the sea;
    • variation of the density of water with temperature;
    • Thermometers, barometer, rain gauge, hygrometer, etc. science and geography both are required.
  2. Simple problems connected with the composition, pressure, temperature, and moisture of the air are usually dealt with in science and geography courses.

(vi) Relationship Of Science With Economics

Science has a profound effect on the economy of a particular country. For instance:

    1. The health of a nation is, dependent upon the knowledge of science in terms of a balanced diet, food preservation, canning, medicine, etc.,
    2. The industrial economy is also dependent upon the chemical know-how of metals, their ores, etc.,

(vii) Relationship Of Science With Mathematics

  1. The early introduction of the ratio of trigonometry is a great help in the science course and their use in mechanics, magnetism and light give reality to their meaning.
  2. Many problems of mathematics like
    • proportion,
    • inverse ratio,
    • equations, and
    • graphs are constantly in use in science courses.

(viii) Relationship Of Science With Music

Several sections, topics of science enhances when they got connects with fine arts.For example:

  • The topic of sound in science can be easily and interestingly taught when the topic is compared with musical instruments.
  • Pitch and length of the string, the vibration of air columns and flutes, etc., can be demonstrated easily for improved learning.

(ix) Relationship Of Science With Craft

Correlation between science and craft is possible to a great extent.We learn more when we do it with our own hands.

Besides making students self-sufficient, craft also cultivates in the students of science the habit of manual work.

3. Relationship Of Science With Life And Environment

All our daily routine is controlled by science and its products. For basic needs of life such as food, clothing, shelter, we have to depend upon science.

Science has gone deep into the veins of modern society.
  1. Science helps in
    • Communication
    • Transportation
    • Industry
    • In food production
    • Insecticides etc.
  2. Applications of science topics in daily life affect the thought and actions of learners.


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