Aims And Objectives Of Teaching Science At Primary Stage Of Education


Primary Stage Of Education And The Aims And Objectives Of The Teaching Of Science | Teaching Science In Elementary Grades |  What Is The Purpose Of Teaching Science At Primary Level?

Generally, children of the age group of five to ten years come under the Primary level of Education.

  • Normally, children of this age group are “thirsty to know about all the things they come in contact with”. Students at this stage are also very
    • Active,
    • Energetic,
    • Sensitive,
    • Keen Observers,
    • Curious etc.

Students of this ‘delicate age’ are very vulnerable it is obligatory for everyone to keep in mind the ‘Capacity of these learners’ and how will they ‘adapt themselves to their environment’.

General Aim and Objectives of teaching science at primary level

For constructing aims and objectives at the elementary stage of education, psychological requirements of children of this age group is one of the chief aspect.

Following are generally accepted as the major aims and objectives for teaching science:

  1. Development and Training of the Power of Observation.
  2. Importance of Science in Life.
  3. Development of Practical Outlook.
  4. Knowledge of the Relationship between Physical and Social Environment.
  5. To develop the habits of Personal, Family, and Community Cleanliness.
  6. Knowledge of Casual Relationships.
  7. Objectives with regard to Character and Behavior.

1.  Development and training of the power of observation

It is necessary to develop and train student's power of observation, for this "teacher should train and encourage them for overall active participation like":

  • Teacher can encourage them to collect plants, different kinds of flowers, etc.
  • Teacher should also train them to know about various things about these collected things.

2.  Importance of science in life

  • Students should be guided to know about the usefulness of science in life.
  • Students should know about plentiful contributions made by science for the improvement of human life.

3.  Development of practical outlook

Practical outlook help students to make proper use of their theoretical knowledge.
  • Students of this stage of education are tremendously active, they are full of life, and merely giving knowledge of facts is not sufficient.
  • Children's activities should be, designed to channelize their energy in developing a practical outlook.

4.  Knowledge of the relationship between physical and social environment

Children continually come in contact with the natural as well as social environment.
  • Students must be trained to know about the correlation that exists between the community and nature.
  • Students should be taught about the various benefits, assistance that community or society derives from nature.

5.  To develop the habits of personal, family, and community cleanliness

Children of this sensitive age must be taught about the habits of personal and social hygieneStudents should be taught to keep themselves and their environment clean.

6.  Knowledge of the casual relationship

Young students are inquisitive by nature they observe sharply have more and more follow-up questions. Every so often their curiosity is explained and it dies down.
  • The teaching of science must develop in the students the consciousness of the relationship of cause and effect.
  • Students should be encouraged to know about the causes of the several events that they observe around them. This will ultimately help them in the development of the scientific outlook.

7.  Objectives with regard to character and behavior

It is essential to bring about changes in the behavioral pattern of the young learners such as:

  • They may be taught to have respect for the agencies of nature.
  • They may be taught the lesson of conservation of national wealth etc.
These qualities will, later on, pass on to their other fields of life.


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Aims And Objectives Of Teaching Science At Primary Stage Of Education Notes

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