Scope Of Science In Points


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Scope Of Science

Scope Of Science In Points

When we try to assess the importance of science in the school curriculum, we look at it from some angles like:

  1. The utility of the subject of science.
  2. The cultural values of the subject science.

1. The Utility of the Subject Science

The utility of science subject includes:

  1. Intellectual Value
  2. Utilitarian Value
  3. Scientific Method
  4. Vocational Value
  5. Aesthetic value
  6. Moral Values

Intellectual Value

  • The study of science subject develops not only high regard for truth but also for the search for truth.
  • The “Intellectual Value” or “Knowledge Value” of science is necessary for almost every individual in the scientific world of today. 
  • Science fosters intellectual ways of thinking and reasoning.

Utilitarian Value

Right from the cradle to the grave, all our activities are controlled and fashioned by science.

The “Utilitarian Value” of science is henceforth quite obvious.

Scientific Method

  • Science created self-confidence in life by providing a “Scientific Method” for solving problems.
  • The various steps in the scientific method can be listed as
    1. Sensing the problems.
    2. Collection of data.
    3. Forming hypothesis.
    4. Verifying the hypothesis.
    5. Drawing conclusions.

Vocational Value

  • Science has great “Vocational Value", for example:
    1. Agriculture,
    2. Engineering etc., are science-based.
  • Fully realizing the vocational value of science, certain applied sciences courses are offered in the vocational stream.

Aesthetic value

  • Science is concerned with the truth of all existence and it provides a chance for application.
  • For this reason, scientific discoveries to solve the mysteries of nature are concerned with “aesthetic value”.

Moral Values

  • The moral integrity caused by the pursuit of science is mainly due to the nature of science.
  • The “Moral Values” of scientists could be maintained only when they express the truths without any fear or bias.

2. Cultural values of the science subject.

Science has a cultural value also

The methods of science inspire the students to do things in a reasonable and logical manner.

By the study of the lives of great scientists, we not only know about their great works but also draw inspiration for the study of science.


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