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Meaning of Objectives

Aims are sovereign in nature they are broken into specified objectives to provide definite learning experiences for bringing about desirable behavioral changes.

Objectives help in generating behavioral modifications in the learners for the ultimate realization of the aims of teaching.

The objectives are achieved within the specified classroom situation, and they

  • Have swift purposes and are short-term.
  • And they also Aid in accomplishing immediate goals.

Definition of Educational Objectives

Objectives related to education as a whole, are known as 'Educational Objectives '.

 “By educational objectives, we mean explicit formulations of the ways in which students are expected to be changed by the educative process, that is, the ways in which they will change in their actions”. - B.S.Bloom

Need of Educational Objectives

Reasons for needing educational objectives are:

  1. Educational objectives indicate the nature of the education system.
  2. They serve as guides for teaching and learning.
  3. Educational objectives provide guidelines in selecting teaching-learning activities.
  4. It shows the direction in which education will act.
  5. For teaching which aims at worthwhile behavior changes, a clear understanding of educational objectives is essential.
  6. Educational objectives develop awareness among the teachers about the importance of their work.

How to Form Educational Objectives

The formulation of educational objectives is a matter of careful choice on the part of the teachers and administrators.
  1. In forming educational objectives following factors are involved:
    • The needs and capabilities of the pupils.
    • The specific demands of his social environment.
    • The nature of the subject matter.
  2. In order to save time and effort, it is very important that the objectives of a subject be clearly identified and defined.

Criteria For Good Educational Objectives

The criteria of a good educational objective is that

  1. The educational objectives should be ‘Unambiguous’.
  2. The educational objectives should be ‘Useful’.
  3. The educational objectives should be ‘Specific’.
  4. The educational objectives should be ‘Feasible’.
  5. The educational objectives should be 'In Accordance With General Aims of Education '.

Objectives of Classifying Educational Objectives

Classification is a valuable system to group similar things under one heading based on common characteristics or common relationship that exists between groups and individuals.

The main objectives of classifying educational objectives are as follows:

  1. Educational objectives are helpful in defining, translating, and exchanging educational thoughts in a uniform way.
  2. These are vital in comparing curricular goals with wider educational objectives.
  3. Educational objectives assist in preparing evaluation or testing materials.
  4. They are highly valued in planning, teaching, and learning activities.
  5. Educational objectives are significant in identifying desired behavioral outcomes among the learners.
  6. It is crucial in the search for the relationships that exist among groups and individuals.
Educational objectives are fundamental in planning a curriculum.


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