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Science occupies an important place in our life, and must also be given an important place in the school curriculum.
Some of the general Aims and Objectives of Teaching Science are:
  1. To promote the power of reasoning among learners as science is studied through observation and practical training.
  2. The objectives of Science are guided by the content materials of the curriculum, lessons, and topics.
  3. Science has its own values of objectivity, rationality, neutrality, humanity and it caters to individual needs by means of bringing more flexibility.
  4. To help the students to prepare themselves for the time ahead with its own
    • Conceptual structure,
    • Methodologies,
    • Skills,
    • Social bearing etc.
  5. To bring freedom, liberation, happiness, speculation & imagination since science is one of the approaches which truly based on
    • Philosophical,
    • Sociological,
    • Psychological and
    • Moral Dimensions.


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General Aims Of Teaching Science Notes

What Are The Key Aim And Objectives Of Science Education? Notes For B.Ed In English Medium

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