Different Definitions Of Science


Different Definitions Of Science By Different Scholars and Authors : Plato, Kothari Commission, James B. Conant.

Different Definitions Of Science

What Is The Definition Of Science?

Science Is Nothing But Perception-Plato

Science Is A Multidimensional Activity And It Is Very Difficult To Search A Universal Acceptable Definition Of Science Nonetheless There Are Numerous Definitions That Convey An Idea About What Is Meant By Science:

  • Science Is Organized And Systematized Knowledge Relating To Our Physical World.
  • Science Is Classified Knowledge Gained From A Systematic Study Of Behaviour Of Nature.
  • Science Is Nothing But Gaining Of Knowledge On The Basis Of Experience.
“Science Is Universal And So Can Be Its Benefits. Its Material Benefits Are Immense And Far-Reaching Industrialization Of Agriculture And Release Of Nuclear Energy, To Mention Two Examples-But Even More Profound Is Its Contribution To Culture” - Kothari Commission.

Science Is Cumulative And Endless Series Of Empirical Observation Which Results In The Formation Of Concepts And Theories With Both Concepts And Theories Being Subject To Modification In The Light Of Further Empirical Observation.


Genius Persons By Their Persistent Efforts, Careful Experimentation And Exact Reasoning Have Collected Mass Of Tested Information Which We Call Science.

Science Is The Investigation And Interpretation Of Natural Phenomena Which Occur In Our Daily Life.

“Science Is An Interconnected Series Of Concepts And Conceptual Schemes That Have Developed As A Result Of Experimentation And Observation And Are Fruitful Of Further Experimentation And Observation” - James B. Conant.


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Different Definitions Of Science Notes

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