Relationship Between The Process And Product In Science


Relationship between the Process and Product in Science

Relationship Between Science as a Process and Science as a Product (Approaches in Science)

Science has two important approaches:

  1. Science as a Product.
  2. Science as a Process.

1. Science as a Product

The category of Science as a Product includes:

  • Laws,
  • Theories,
  • Principles,
  • Concepts,
  • Facts etc.

2. Science as a Process

The category of Science as a Process includes:

  • Scientific attitude,
  • Scientific observation,
  • Scientific experimentation,
  • Scientific method etc.

The process of searching scientific knowledge can be explained as follows:

Science is a continuous search for new knowledge through continuous inquiry.

What is the relationship between science as a process and science as a product | product vs process | approaches in science teaching - Pupils Tutor

The diagram shows that products (concepts, facts, etc.,) are derived from process (observation and experimentation) and that these products lead to further process.

Thus, we can summarize the above correlations by saying that

“Science is both a body of knowledge (Product) and method of inquiry (Process)”.

Though both aspects are important in their own way to attain the aims of science education in schools more emphasis should be placed on the process approach.


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Relationship Between The Process And Product In Science Notes

What Is The Relationship Between Science As A Process And Science As A Product Notes For B.Ed In English Medium

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