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WHAT IS THE NATURE OF SCIENCE?[Nature of Science In Technical Terms]


Based on the notion of the structure of Disciplines or structure of knowledge Joseph J. Schwab (1964) and Bruner (1962) have explained the nature of science in technical terms.

According to them, the nature of science comprises:

  1. Substantive Structure of Science.
  2. Syntactical Structure of Science.

The Substantiate Structure of Science

  • The substantive structure of science epitomizes the major conceptual schemes which constitute the basic knowledge used in science.
  • The substantive structure of science contains different classes of statements, such as
    • Definitions,
    • Statements,
    • Knowledge etc., we may call them ‘key concepts’ or ‘major ideas’.

The Syntactical Structure of Science

  • The syntactical structure of science is concerned with the so-called processes of scientific inquiry, the means by which scientific knowledge is acquired and verified.
  • These processes can be further divided into simple skills so that pupils can practice them without any difficulty.
  • Some of the processes of science are as follows.
    • Observation
    • Formulating hypothesis
    • Classification
    • Measurement
    • Experimenting etc.,

At this stage it is easy to infer that the nature of science has two aspects:

  • Concepts of science that build the substantiate structure of science.
  • The processes of science build the syntactical structure of science.

Both are equally important but in recent times a new technical aspect of science has also emerged i.e the social aspect.

The Social Aspect of Science

The applications of science to society and its impact on human lives are first as important as learning content and skills. In fact, the new emphasis on science teaching that includes social, moral-ethical aspects of science is up till now is strongly recommended.

Science has been taken as a human activity that influences society and is being influenced by society.

Science technology to be more fiercely based on social issues that have moral, ethical, and social relevance

Some examples are as follows.

  • Nuclear energy
  • Pollution
  • CO2 emission
  • Bio-engineering
  • Waste management etc.


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