7 Characteristics Of Science


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Characteristics of Science

7 Characteristics of Science

The characteristics of science are:

  1. Science is Empirical.
  2. Science is Unique.
  3. Science is Holistic.
  4. Science is Humanistic.
  5. Science is Tentative in Nature.
  6. Science is Replicable.
  7. Science grows through Processes of Science.

1. Science is Empirical

Scientific knowledge is derived by observations or experimentation which is further extended on the continuity of observations.

Observations ----> Processes ----> Concepts

2. Science is Unique

Science is distinguished from other realms by virtue of the nature of knowledge and its procedure in generating new knowledge.

3. Science is Holistic

The knowledge produced by different branches of science contributes to an overall conceptual scheme that is internally consistent.

4. Science is Humanistic

  • Science is a product of a human effort to find out the unknown things of nature.
  • All the knowledge of science is related to human beings like:
    • Scientific concepts are the products of culture.

5. Science is Tentative in nature

“If science is knowledge, it is dynamic knowledge”.

Science is uncertain and its knowledge is consistently changing in the light of new evidence. We can say that science is subject to change.

6. Science is Replicable

Science is based on evidence that can be investigated or researched in a different place and at a different time given similar conditions.

7. Science grows through processes of science

  • Scientific knowledge grows through processes of science or inquiry approach or methodologies of science.
  • The processes of science grow from simple to complex.
    • For example, Inquiry approaches grow from simple (i.e., stable inquiry) to difficult (i.e., fluid inquiry).


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