Need And Importance Of Value Education


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Need And Importance Of Value Education

Good values are the spontaneous manifestations of a sound character and values form the central pole around which our actions desires and ambitions are organized.

Importance of Values

  1. Values guide our behavior and give meaning to our existence.
  2. Values assist us to make the right decisions and making choices.
  3. Values give direction and firmness to life and help us to be morally sound.
  4. Values set goals for achievements and they motivate define and color all our activities in cognitive, affective, and conative domains.

Need And Importance Of Value Education

Value education has a special role in our country with different diversities in religion, ethnicities, cultures, and language backgrounds.

  • Gandhiji considers value as an inseparable component in the full flowering and development of personality.
  • These values are also considered determinants of human behavior.
  • They play a vital role in the lives of every individual.
  • Values are enduring and they facilitate standards that guide the conduct of human beings.

In this present modern era, there has been a substantial erosion of values. The fabric of society is being from age-old ties are breaking up and hence value education aims to provide direction for

  • Personal,
  • Emotional,
  • Ethical,
  • Social,
  • Cultural,
  • Moral,
  • Humanistic and spiritual development.

There has been a rise in the number of cases of children with emotional disturbance, anti-social behavior, and drug abuse.

  • The magnitude of the value crisis indicates the need for value education in schools and demands conscious planned persistent and purposive efforts by teachers.
  • Value education needs to be an integral component of curricular and co-curricular activities.

Education becomes meaningless unless accompanied by knowledge of values.

  • Educated and intelligent people with poor values in life not only make their own life miserable but also bring more harm to society than good.
  • The goals of education are not just to produce individuals with knowledge and memory but also to produce individuals with values.
  • Superstitious ignorance, intolerance, and narrow perceptions lead to fights riots, and war-making life miserable for everyone.

The consumerist and commercial ethos of our times has made a primary goal of education to be to acquire material success and power in goal of education to be to acquire material success and power in this competitive world.

  • As a result, basic values like honesty and tolerance are neglected in the personal and public life of people resulting in the rise of
    • Crime,
    • Violence,
    • Cruelty,
    • Greed and apathy to human sufferings.
  • There is a need to overcome the narrow castes, communalist, linguistic and regional divides among the people and to promote unity, social and national outlook.

Values of idealism altruism selflessness and service to fellow humans are vanishing from our life. There is also a need to develop sensitivity to the beauty of art literature craft and nature.

A number of modern values such as democracy, equality, liberty, fraternity, global perception, international cooperation, environmental protection of human rights have developed in recent decades.

  • These values are to be inculcated in children right from childhood.
  • Children inherit their values from parents, teachers, and those around them.
  • The information on values they get from these sources has to be supplemented or corrected through value education in the school.
  • They should be made aware of the importance of leading value-based lives.
  • Values should be deliberately inculcated directly or indirectly so that along with mainstream curriculum they also acquire necessary knowledge and skills that prepare them to be responsible citizens.

The National Curriculum Framework (2005) stresses education for peace in schools as a counteracting measure to the unprecedented violence that exists globally nationally and locally.

Education without values is no Education at all. In these circumstances, the need to reorient education and the school curricula with value education should receive priority.

  • There is a need for country-wide concerted efforts in this respect.
  • A majority of the children are studying in schools today and they would become tomorrow’s full-fledged citizens.
  • Anything imbibed at an impressionable age would have a long-lasting effect.
  • If they come out of schools with a value-laden bent of mind, the country’s future would be in safe hands.
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