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What Is Value Crisis?

Value crisis in a society implies the erosion of traditional values of society or a situation of a dilemma when there is little balance between traditional values and modern values.

Causes Of Value Crisis

Crisis is not so much intellectual but rather moral and spiritual.

1. Distortion of values is partially due to imbalance between ancient values and explosion of knowledge in war field technology.

  • Atomic weapons, bio-weapon, explosives, missiles, etc., are threatening the whole of mankind.
  • Today the entire mankind is living in the shade of fear. Man’s very expense is at stake as he is indulging in wicked activities.
  • Developed countries possess all kinds of dreadful weapons and are trying to boss overall developed and underdeveloped countries.

2. There is a lack of development of sound moral vision among human being along with scientific and technological development.

  • Wealth worshipped as God; Pride has become a creed
  • Selfishness is entrenched in the intellect
  • Hypocrisy has become the hallmark of life
  • Love and affection have become lustful afflictions.
  • Compassion has dried up,
  • Gratitude has waned,
  • The ego is flaunted,
  • Desires become an adornment,
  • Righteousness has become merely a figurehead in the world.

Human beings can produce such powerful means of destruction as hydrogen and nuclear bombs that can destroy the whole world in no time.

3. The modern youth receiving an education are losing their idealism and living in a spiritual vacuum.

  • Moral values have no respect now.
  • Human relations are becoming impersonal and secondary.
  • Man fails to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil.
  • Religion has now become a private affair and stress is being laid on the secularization of social relationships.
  • The highest respect is being placed on wealth and power.

4. Even in this dynamic society, values, and standards do not change quickly and some of them, at any rate, have an abiding significance.

  • Cultural values, the gracious fruit of centuries of cooperative efforts, and moral values, which is distinguished, which distinguish men from animals, have been totally changed in these years.
  • The whole socio-political setting and physical environment in which they have to be worked out are in a state of constant transition and consequently, they have to be interrupted in the light of new conditions.

5. Prostitution, illegal marriages, broken home structure, divorce, etc., are also factors responsible for the decline of values.

  • Lack of mutual concern between parents at home, disaffection, and lack of securities in families are other factors responsible for the erosion of values.
  • The role of home, school, and society cannot be neglected in the degradation of values.

For instance: The living styles of parents leave a deep impression on the minds of children.

6. Loss of leadership among the teachers is another manifestation of the deterioration of values in modern society.

7. The older generations have lost their sense of morality. Therefore, the younger generation completely ignores the traditional or even any idea of the value system.

Value Crisis In Indian Society

At present, India is passing through a period of value crisis in several fields of national life.

  • It is generally being said that the life of individuals, as well as our social life, is plagued with the evil values of

    • Corruption,
    • Cynicism,
    • Disparity,
    • Disruption,
    • Hypocrisy and violence.
  • It is very unfortunate that our role models i.e., leaders of various shades fail to inspire us to pursue higher values of life.
  • Several conflicting ideologies are also at work.
  • On the one hand, there is the value crisis of Indianization and on the other hand value-crisis on account of overemphasis on modernization and westernization.

The Education Commission 1964-66 has observed,

“We believe that India should strive to bring science and the values of the spirit together in harmony and thereby pave their way for the eventual emergence of a society which would cater the needs of the whole man and not only to a particular fragment of his personality.”

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