Aims Of Value Education


Education is not merely acquiring knowledge, gathering and correlating facts, it is to see the significance of life as a whole.

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Aims Of Value Education

Value education aims at transforming a mind into healthy, innocent, natural, and attentive, capable of higher levels of sensitivity and perception.

The Aims of Value Education Can be understood with the following points.

1) Build The Foundation For Lifelong Learning And Promoting Human Excellence

At the individual level, fostering values in school students, therefore, needs to be seen as an investment in building the foundation for lifelong learning and promoting human excellence.

  • The capacity to listen, patience, endurance, cooperation, teamwork, positive attitude towards study, work, and life are the hallmarks of a good student or a person.
  • So, values, in fact, promote both academic as well as human excellence.
  • In this sense education for values humanizes education.

2) Value Education Aims at Preparing Student for The World Of Work

Education in values also prepares students for the world of work.

  • The attitudes and values of hard work, discipline, cooperation, communication skills, etc. enable them to develop healthy interpersonal relationships at home and in school which in turn facilitate their better adjustment on the job.

3) Enrich The Level Of Our Understanding

Value education system aims to enrich the level of our understanding and respect for such values and aims to bring us maturity of mind is called value-based education.

  • Value-based education gives youth the altruistic and benevolent sense of living for others.
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4) Encourage Young People’s Awareness

The aim of values education is to encourage young people’s awareness of having values and their corresponding relationship to the world in which they live.

  • It is, therefore, necessary to try and convey the idea of which values people in our society regard as necessary (and through which our society is shaped today).

5) Promote Social Cohesion And National Integration

At the societal level, value education aims at promoting social cohesion and national integration for transforming societies, nations and creating a better world.

It can contribute to creating the place

  • With an aspiration for the transformation of the culture of war, violence, and greed into a culture of peace;
  • where people learn and understand more about each other’s uniqueness, human rights, and fundamental freedom;
  • where people learn to care and share to live together in a just, peaceful, and compassionate society both in their immediate contexts and in the world at large.

6) Develop Skill To Deal With Conflicting Values And To Make Independent Decisions

A democratic society demands that an individual should have many skills, among them the skill to deal with conflicting values and to take independent decisions.

  • It demands a critical faculty as well as competence to judge based on your moral principles.
  • Democratic societies must therefore take an interest in such skills be encouraged.

Educators and teachers as well as parents are not just there to practice behavior based on values, but are mainly there

  • To help adolescents to understand the rules which society has developed,
  • To be able to apply them independently and also
  • To participate in political discussions regarding any possible changes to these rules

For this reason, we need educators who do not insist on their own interpretation of moral principles, rather educators who help adolescents to develop their own skills in applying morals to their lives.

Some More General Aims And Objectives Of Value Education Are:

  • It helps us accept and respect the attitudes and behaviors of those who differ from us.
  • It develops moral, spiritual, aesthetic, and social values in a person.
  • Value education aims at promoting broader capabilities, attitudes, and skills that matter not just in schools but also life beyond schools, making the world a better place not just for themselves but also for their
    • Family,
    • Friends,
    • Colleagues and others.
  • Value Education teaches us to preserve whatever is good and worthwhile in the culture we inherited.
  • Values education underpins the understanding that values are to be inculcated in students not just, for their own interest but also for the common good reflecting the balance between individual’s interest and larger interest.
  • The aim of holistic development of students is located in education for values.
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Aims Of Value Education Notes

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