Aims of Peace Education


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Aims of Peace Education

No civilization is truly progressive without education and no education system is truly civilizing unless it is based on the universal principles of peace.

Peace & education are inseparable aspects of civilization. Peace education aims at a wide variety of subjects, some of them are:

  1. To educate individuals & develop the competence to accept & recognize the values and morals which live among the human race.
  2. To nurture a sense of global value in each person.
  3. To educate people in
    • Protecting the environment, and
    • Maintain Social harmony.
  4. To cultivate the capability of non-violent struggle and conflict.
  5. To respect and conserve traditions and cultural heritages.
  6. To cope up with uncertain and difficult situations.
  7. To create solidarity feeling among diverse peoples.
  8. To promote among humans a feeling of equity and uniformity at the national & international levels with the perspective of a long-term and balanced development.
  9. To strengthen friendship, peace & solidarity between people and individuals.
  10. To nurture the expertise of making informed choices among humans.
  11. To prepare individuals to take actions and make judgments not solely based upon the present circumstances but with the vision of a future.

Peace education aim is perhaps best summarized in The Hague ‘Appeal for peace’ which said,

A culture of peace will be achieved when citizens of the world have the skills

  1. To resolve conflict constructively,
  2. To understand global problems,
  3. To respect earth integrity,
  4. To appreciate the cultural diversity, and
  5. To know and live by international standards of human rights, gender, and racial equality.
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Aims of Peace Education Notes

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