Democracy And Peace


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Democracy And Peace

The modern-day world has seen the spread of democracy as the most valid form of government. This trend has become more evident in recent years.

Democracy enhances and improves the growth of numerous aspects of human potential by providing equal access to education, opportunities, and active participation, in all parts of

  • Economic,
  • Social, &
  • Political life.

Democracy, Peace, sustainable development, and human rights are, in fact, closely interrelated. Without one, the other cannot exist.

Democracy is not possible without peace, and truly peace cannot exist without democracy.

However, no constitutional formula exists which can perfectly design or produce a ready-made democracy.

  • Democracy is not something that can be exported and manufactured. It has to be constantly sought after & nurtured.
  • All one can do is to help flower democracy, if its seeds already exist in the minds of the people.

Though, yes democracy is very difficult to achieve, but if there exist inherent desire in everyone,

  • To be treated as an equal,
  • To think he/she is born free,
  • To demand an equal chance and
  • To develop his/her potential through broader participation in society’s activities, democracy can blossom.

Education for democracy is a continuous lifelong process,

  • Not restricted to a particular grade or level of school education.
  • Take many diverse approaches, depending upon the
    • History,
    • Political system, and
    • Socio-cultural traditions.
  • To enter this education in the entire education process, it needs to be cross-disciplinary.

Education for democracy may take up various dimensions or aspects of democracy, like






Literary ones

Philosophical or Conceptual

Legal and legislative

A selective approach is essential in choosing from this list but special attention should be paid to democracy in the day-to-day life of all communities.

Education for democracy ideally presumes the existence of a democratic environment both in the classroom & outside school life. Where such, environment is missing or underdeveloped, it is necessary to try to eliminate undemocratic factors, conditions, and practices.

This can be done by ensuring

  • The recognition of individual human rights
  • Education for all
  • Gender equity
  • Social obligation & responsibility
  • Freedom
  • Social cohesion
  • Cultural & national traditions
  • Active social participation
  • Encouragement to contribute to the solution of the problems.
Democracy is undoubtedly the very foundation of lasting peace.
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Democracy And Peace Notes

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