Human Rights Education And Peace


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Human Rights Education And Peace

Human Rights refer to the - “basic rights & freedoms to which every human is entitled”.

Peace Education and Human rights education are tightly linked activities that support and complement each other.

Rights education typically incorporates components of learning about the provisions of the term written in international documents like:

  • The Convention on the Rights of the Child or
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The first sentence of DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS states –

Respect for human rights and dignity “is the foundation of freedom justice and peace in the world.”

Rights education teaches and encourages students

  • To develop skills that will enable them to act in ways that promote and uphold rights both their ‘Own & Others’.
  • To know and recognize the impact of violations of rights both at ‘home & abroad’.
  • To understand the responsibilities which come with ‘Rules and Rights’.
  • To develop solidarity and empathy with those whose rights have been denied.
  • To value human rights and realize that all human rights are
    • Interrelated
    • Universal
    • Interdependent and
    • Indivisible.

Peace is a fundamental pre-condition without which rights cannot be realized while at the same time the ensuring of basic rights is essential to bringing about peace.

The most successful and effective way of nurturing values related to human rights is ‘Education’.

The basic responsibility of human rights education is to develop the ability to value care and protect

  • Equality
  • Freedom of thought and belief
  • Justice & love
  • Conscience
  • Rights of

    • Women
    • Children
    • Disadvantaged groups
    • Ethnic and religious minorities
    • Workers etc.

The first step in enhancing understanding & actualizing values related to human rights is to teach students what their shared rights & freedoms are so that these may be respected & a willingness to protect those of others will be promoted.

Teaching & learning activities must focus on

  1. Imparting values that maintain human dignity and preserve life
  2. Provide ample opportunity to every student to evaluate the realization or non-realization of core principles and values associated with human rights in their own life.
  3. Teaching learners that only forming & maintaining this sensitivity is not enough. They must also develop an ability to react to human rights violations.

Principle values related to human rights can be explored through experiential learning. Experiential learning fundamentally includes

  1. A process with which the development of cognitive skills can take place
  2. Exploration of attitudes values & personal feelings
  3. All the above things can be achieved during the experience or on later reflection.

While developing core human rights values learners must be exposed to factors and reasons which contribute to the human rights violation such as:

  1. Lack of education
  2. Too much importance within a nation on the economic considerations at the cost of Justice and equality for the common person
  3. Ignorance of customs and law
  4. Poverty
  5. The vested interests of a powerful and rich minority
  6. Inequitable wealth distribution
  7. Neglect of older and vulnerable people due to families becoming more nuclear in nature.
  8. Certain traditional norms with respect to the status of women in society.
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Human rights & fundamental freedom permit us to use and develop our human qualities our talents our intelligence & our conscience & to satisfy our spiritual & other needs.

  • These are based upon humankind growing demand for a better life in which the inherent dignity & worth of each individual will receive equal protection and respect.

The denial of fundamental freedoms & human rights is not only a personal tragedy but also

  • Creates conditions of political and social unrest
  • Sow seeds of conflict and violence within & between nations and societies.
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