What Is The Meaning Of Peace Education?


"Peace is possible for life at all stages and it is up to man to choose his destiny or to suffer from the horrors of war. Today mankind is at the crossroad where he has to choose with courage, determination, and imagination." - Federico Mayor
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What Is Peace Education?

Introduction And Concept Of Peace Education

In the contemporary world of education, seeing modern-day problems and dilemmas, there is a growing realization that children should be educated in the art of peaceful living.

Peace education empowers learners with the

  • Skills,
  • Knowledge,
  • Values and
  • Attitudes, compulsory to end injustice, violence and to promote a culture of peace.

Therefore, more & more concepts of peace education are being integrated into school curricula in so many countries.

The ultimate objective of any education should be inculcating peace.

  • Every individual acquires his first peace education in his family with his father & mother as the first teacher.
  • The peace education is nurtured at home then gets enhanced at school.

Ian Harris and John Synott have described peace education as a series of "TEACHING ENCOUNTERS" that draw from people:

  • Their desire for peace,
  • Nonviolent alternatives for managing conflict, and
  • Skills for critical analysis of structural arrangements that legitimize and produce inequality and injustice.

Peace is an essential value that needs to be cherished and treasured by every human.

“Peace is what you think it is (or wants it to be)”.

Meaning Of Peace Education

Peace education is the process of acquiring

  • Correct knowledge and values,
  • Developing skills, behaviors, & attitudes, to live in harmony with oneself & with others.

Peace is a wide-ranging concept, with spiritual and practical connotations. Peace can indicate a state of serenity (inner calm) or the end of the conflict.

Peace has been understood by many as,

  • Absence of violence or conflict & conversely
  • As the presence of states of mind and societies which like
    • Harmony,
    • Understanding,
    • Accord and Security.

Peace education provide apt learning & teaching tactics which

  • Guide and transform the children to become responsible future global citizens and
  • Helps in reducing the violence and conflicts caused by
    • Prejudice and Inequality,
    • Violations of Human rights,
    • Injustice, etc.
  • Encourages the student to take care of themselves and for others, and to love the world, and imagine a peaceful future.
Peace education is ultimately a goal of education and a strong pillar to spread and attain peace on the planet.
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What Is The Meaning Of Peace Education? Notes

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