Whole School Approach In Value Education


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Whole School Approach In Value Education

In the whole-school approach, value education is woven into the totality of educational programs in schools where value education does not form a mere appendage of all other subjects but would stand out as an over-arching concern of basic importance.

  • The methods of teaching that are used by teachers,
  • The amount of freedom/initiative they enjoy,
  • The books that students read,
  • The school activities that are favored or not favored,
  • The methods of evaluation, promotion, the way teachers are treated,
  • The manner in which particular events are celebrated and are chosen to exemplify their significance,
  • The kind of people serving on the school board and
  • The way administrative staff functions is monitored etc., reflect and symbolize values.

The school atmosphere is surcharged with positive values to imbibe and internalize.

  • Every teacher is a teacher of values.
  • Teachers are properly oriented to create such an environment for children where those values become vibrant.
  • Their role is to put the child on the right path not by imposing but by watching, suggesting, helping.
  • Each unit of study in the textbook for different subjects is related to value concerns through exercises, examples and questions/discussions, etc. as far as possible.
  • Values permeate the formal curriculum as well as hidden curriculum and the pedagogical approach.

Factors Essential For The Success Of Whole School Approach

This approach requires conscious attempt and proper planning. Teacher-student interaction requires a great deal of openness.

  • It requires certain pedagogical skills as teachers are required to integrate the relevant values in their lessons in different subjects or in other activities outside the classroom.
  • The subject matter is not only important but the total school management, the administrative staff are geared towards value education.
  • In such an approach, some ways of knowing the impact of value education in terms of
    • Appreciation/awareness,
    • Solving value dilemmas,
    • Exhibiting value-based behavior, etc. is considered important.

Assumption in The Whole School Approach

The underlying assumption in the whole school approach is integration.

  • It is the integration of an individual’s concern with society, with his/her physical and ecological environment, and the diversity within the culture.
  • It is the integration and harmony within self and others around.
  • It is the integration of all the aspects of the development of students.
  • It is the integration of

    • Formal curriculum,
    • Hidden curriculum,
    • Pedagogical strategy, and
    • The evaluation system in the school.

An integrated approach is considered to be effective because the school, environment, creates a variety of contexts through the totality of educational experiences for students to explore, think, reflect and internalize positive dispositions and values.

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Whole School Approach In Value Education Notes

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