Advantages Of Yoga


[25 Reasons] Why Yoga Is So Important? | What Are The Health Benefits Of Yoga? | Explain All Advantages Of Yoga -  How Yoga Affects Human Body & Life -

Advantages Of Yoga

  1. Yoga is easy to perform.

    • Anybody can take part in it and perform according to one’s capacity and capability.
    • Yoga does not require equipment and implements.
  2. Yogi remains ever young with vigor and vitality.
  3. Vertebra (Spinal cord) remains erect.

  4. Nerve strength (energy) is improved.
  5. Stomach in the human organs is the mother of all diseases and sickness. It is the root cause of all illnesses i.e.; all diseases originate from the stomach due to yogic exercises particularly pertaining to the stomach,
    • The stomach becomes clean,
    • Digestion becomes regular and
    • Constipation is removed.
  6. Yoga has a special place and importance to refresh the mind and body and to regain the lost or spent energy from the spiritual point of view.
  7. It develops and improves food habits and behavior.
  8. It provides strength to the heart and lungs.
  9. Yoga practices can be performed and practiced by everyone whether child or adult, man or woman, young or old, rich or poor without reservation or without any difficultly.
  10. By doing all activities pertaining to all sorts of exercise and activities removes all sorts of tension and fatigue.
    • The strength and energy are recovered and regained.
  11. The mind becomes controlled and stable.
  12. The intelligence and memory are improved and developed.
  13. Due to yoga, glands secretion becomes normal,

    • Body organs get stronger and energetic.
  14. Ladies become beautiful and charming in perfect shape and size fully developed in all their organs fit and attractive with elegant gait.
    • They remain ever young.
    • Their belly remains under control and in good shape even after becoming a mother.
  15. Yoga helps in the growth and development of intelligence of a person.
  16. Yoga makes the man and woman self-controlled.

    • They do not indulge in extremes.
    • Their thinking is pure and refined.
  17. It helps in achieving good mental as well as physical health.
  18. Yoga controls and regulates respiration and respiratory systems as a whole.
  19. It purifies and regulates the blood in the body.
  20. Yoga destroys the causes of diseases.

    • It protects and safeguards the person against diseases.
  21. Body becomes disease-free, strong, and healthy.
  22. Concentration of mind is improved.
  23. Will becomes strong and stable.
  24. The eyesight is improved

    • If already weak it becomes better.
  25. The body becomes beautiful, clear, clean, strong, energetic, and graceful.
  26. There is marked improvement in indigestion.

There are several systems in the world by which diseases can be cured and treated. But to cure diseases through yoga asanas has no parallel. Yoga destroys diseases and illnesses.

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25 Advantages Of Yoga Notes

What Are The Health Benefits Of Yoga? Notes For B.Ed In English Medium

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