Effect Of Exercise on Digestive System


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Effect Of Exercise on Digestive System

The digestive system works in such a way that the digested food may reach every part of the body. This job is done by large and small intestines.

  • When we are busy in doing exercise then those parts which are busy in exercise more blood is needed.
  • The large and small intestine blood reserve is supplied to these parts while doing exercise.
  • With all this digestive system gets affected.

Therefore, it is necessary that one should not go for exercise after taking for about two to three hours. The food takes about three hours to cross the intestines.

So, it is advised that the exercise should be taken after three hours of food. If one does not follow this rule then undigested food creates some trouble.

What Are The Effects Of Exercise On The Digestive System?

If we are regular in exercise then some permanent effects we can see on our digestive system.

1. Improvement In Digestive System

  • As we have noted that the exercises improve our blood circulation and muscular system, in the same way, it also improves our digestive systems because all of them are interrelated.
  • In this way when another system of the body is improved then the digestive system also improves.

2. End Of Elements Causing Defects Intestine

By exercises, the elements which are harmful to intestines die themselves and therefore the digestion becomes alright.

3. Increase In Appetite

When the digestive system is improved then automatically the appetite will also be increased.

4. No Constipation

  • The man, who takes regular exercises never complains of constipation.
  • The intestines are massaged by exercises and excretory function becomes normal.

5. Increase In The Working Capacity Of Slavery Glands

  • The exercises also increase the working capacity of salivary glands and saliva helps indigestion.
  • Therefore, the whole system is affected.

6. Increase In The Energy And Capacity Of Salivary Glands.

The strength of the stomach, liver, and panaceas is improved and they work more efficiently and keep the body free from ailments and disorders.

7. Increase In The Storage Capacity Of Essential Elements In The Body

  • The salivary glands become more active by exercises and with this, the digestion is easier and cleaner.
  • Therefore, the body is able to store more essential elements in the body and they are supplied when they are needed.
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