How to Promote Work Education Programme? – Ways And Strategies


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How to Promote Work Education Programme? – Ways And Strategies

Systematic and intensive efforts are necessary for the promotion of the Work Education Programme.

The following course of action and strategies can be undertaken for the purpose of promoting work education program:

1. Orientation Of Parents And Community

  • Parents need orientation with regard to the Work Education program, its principles, values, philosophy, need, etc.
  • This is required for ensuring cooperation from them.
  • Special community contact programs and briefings at the time of school functions may also be undertaken.

2. Counselling Of Students

  • The students at different levels or classes should be counseled about the career options, keeping in view the variety of

    • Interests,
    • Aptitude and
    • Needs of the individuals.
  • Students also need orientation before entering various pre-vocational courses.
  • Career talk, group guidance, and career conference may be organized to facilitate the selection of work education activities by the students.

3. Involvement Of Community

  • For effective implementation of Work Education in schools, community support and participation are necessary.
  • A mechanism for involvement and creating a sense of awareness among the local people is to be developed.
  • Professionals and learned members of the community may be involved as guest speakers for explaining the local specific work education activities.
  • The school should establish linkages with Government institutions, artisans, and professionals, business enterprises, work centers, workshops, etc. in the community.
    • Schools should take advantage of their expertise in the promotion and implementation of the work education Programme.

4. Orientation Of Teachers

  • Work Education in various areas as per community needs may be performed both by the

    • Work education teacher and
    • Other teachers in the school.
  • The Headmaster Or Principal of the school may work as a coordinator for this purpose.

5. Awareness & Popularization Programmes

  • The school should organize awareness and popularization programs in the community for the work education activities offered in the school.
  • The members of the community may come forward to help the school in their respective fields of expertise and encourage the children.
  • Exhibition of work education products may be organized as a medium for the popularization of Work education activities.
  • These programs will also help the school in the selection and revision of work education activities as per community needs.

6. School Committee

  • A committee consisting of the Head of Institution, enterprising and enthusiastic teachers, representatives of students, parents, and enterprises should be constituted.
  • This committee will provide necessary input for effective implementation and furtherance of work education programs in schools.

7. Exhibition-Cum-Sale Of Products

  • Some tangible goods are produced in certain work education activities which require a suitable source of disposal.
  • The products may be disposed of through the cooperative stores of the school or a stall may be arranged at the time of the annual function for exhibition-cum-sale of products.
  • Income generated through the sale of products or services may be distributed among the Head of the Institution, teachers, and students as an incentive for their efforts.

8. Recognition Of Teachers For Outstanding Contribution In Work Education

  • The teachers who significantly contribute to the cause of work education in a particular session should be given due recognition at the time of the annual function.
  • Certain awards may also be thought of depending upon the availability of resources.
  • The contribution should find a place of appreciation in the school magazine.

Role Of State Education Department In Promoting Work Education

The state department of education through its zonal and district educational authorities may start an awareness program for sounding the general masses, school teachers, and students regarding the importance of work education program as envisaged at the national level from time to time.

Following departments and agencies may be also approached for seeking educational assistance, services, and linkage with educational institutions in making work education program successful:

  • Municipal Corporation
  • District Industries Officers
  • Social Service Department
  • District/ Divisional Level
  • General hospitals
  • Forest Officer
  • Local Postmaster
  • Husbandry Officers
  • LIC Branches
  • Hospital services
  • Public Park & Zoo
  • Agriculture
  • Local Industries / Mills
  • State Road Transport
  • Food Corporation of India Ltd.
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