Work Education In School And Community


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Work Education In School And Community

Mahatma Gandhi emphasized the need to bring school and community classes, according to him, “If a new social system is to be established through education, both of them can’t survive separately.

What Do You Mean By Community?

Community is a group of people residing at a particular place and which fulfills its daily needs from the sources available equally and is interdependent.

  • The description of a community can be anything from the group of many people to the whole world.
  • The concept of community changes with every example.

Still, we know that the following conditions are involved in the concept of community.

  • Community is formed by uniting different people the way creatures are formed by uniting different cells.
  • Knowingly/unknowingly all the people are connected with the common cause.
  • The relationship among the members of the community is like the relationships between cells and living beings and this exchange continues.
  • All the people make an effort joint to achieve a certain goal and share their experience.

We all know that the education processes are enriched by bringing teachers and parents closer.

  • The community should be worried about the needs of children in the school.
  • But, society should not leave the entire responsibility of the development of children and educational achievements on schools.

Role Of Community In Work Education

The expectation of the school from the community are:

  1. Due attention should be paid to their punctuality at school.
  2. The child should be sent to school regularly.
  3. Enhance their partnership in monitoring the educational process of the school.
  4. Active participation in assessing and evaluating the students.
  5. Community may contribute actively in founding a lab for work education. For example,

    • Participation in sale purchase of material and equipment’s for work education,
    • communication about the information regarding their maintenance etc.
  6. To cooperate in the exhibition of activities.
  7. Community may give suggestions in selecting activities related to work education.
  8. Community may present their opinion about deciding the need and time for work education in the timetable.

Role Of School In Community Development

To Promote Work Education, the school can also organize many activities for the society and community.

For Example:

  • The School may select such activities in work education through which cleaning of water places, filling of pits, gardening in community gardens, managing compost can be done.
  • May participate in decorating at the time of social festivals in the society.
  • The students should be familiarized with the significance of labor in such a way that they might respect them.
  • A survey can be conducted to find the number of students not coming to school and adult illiterates through students. It will not suffice to survey but the school should organize such activities that adult education center may be organized and coordinate and the students who are unable to come to school may be motivated to join the school.
  • The school should provide its premises for the campaigns like pulse polio etc., at the same time it should provide the support of teachers and students for these campaigns.
  • May organize interviews of artisans not only to give recognition but also boosts up their morale.
  • The school should play the role of a pioneer in organizing exhibitions of local handicraft work.
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Work Education In School And Community Notes

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