Methods Of Teaching Work Education


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Methods Of Teaching Work Education

The 5 methods of teaching work education are as follows:

1. Practical Method

Some of the fundamental principles of this method are as follows:

  • Learning by doing
  • Activeness of students
  • Psychological
  • Scientific

In this method, the Learners, work in a practical way to achieve a definite goal. Through this method, the principle of learning by doing in new circumstances and on the basis of previous experiences is emphasized.

  • While practicing, all sensory and motor senses are active.
  • The students work as a researcher because learning by doing is important in a practical method.

2. Observation Method

We can use this method in two ways:

  1. To ask the students to observe any occurrence, object, or social-cultural events and to develop their knowledge and understanding.
  2. They can gain experience by observing economic activities in the social environment and workplaces.

As far as the social-cultural occurrences are concerned, the children are not given any instructions, but the sessions are organized in such a way that the observed events and activities are described in the class and then the children give their comments.

Observation of different kinds of events must be given a suitable place in work education because every occurrence related to life is a subject area for work education.

3. Project Method

Project Method is a purposeful activity accomplished with complete involvement in a social environment.– Kilpatric

In this method, for a particular task, the students decide themselves

  • Objective, prepare, plan, collect the required resources to attain their goal,
  • What would be the technique and how much time is required to accomplish the task before trying to know the real form of the work education.

4. Demonstration Method

How do children learn the ways to behave?
This question has an easy answer:
They start doing the same thing which they observe or learn from their elders by their observational power. Why only elders, they even try to bring in their daily routine whatever they observe their companion doing.

Demonstration method of work education proceeds from general to specific.

  • It means the procedure of a particular activity is demonstrated before the learners.
  • Along with the demonstration of the activity, the validity of the rules related to that activity is also proved through examples.

5. Excursion Method

Excursion is a wonderful method of teaching.

The condition of the students enriched with bookish knowledge given in the four walls of the classroom is like that of a frog who considers the well as an ocean.

There are many advantages and benefits of the excursion method in teaching-learning of work education:

  1. It is very important for the students to have practical knowledge of the subject which is discussed in the class. This method plays an important role in this direction.
  2. The system of sessions in the classrooms brings monotony and boringness. Excursion method can bring a positive change in this direction.
  3. Knowledge attained through excursion is permanent because it involves the active participation of the learners.
  4. Through excursion, the students develop an understanding as to how to behave at other places and how to communicate with people.
  5. The students get the opportunity to work in groups while traveling.
  6. While traveling, the students’ ability to observe is developed. They observe the task being accomplished in reality; they observe the objects in real situations.
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Methods Of Teaching Work Education Notes

5 Best Methods Of Teaching Work Education – Practical, Observation, Project, Demonstration, Excursion Notes For B.Ed In English Medium

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