Importance Of Work Education


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Importance Of Work Education

Importance of work education can be understood from the following perspective.

  1. Work education develops skills like

    • Problem-solving,
    • Critical thinking and
    • Decision making.
  2. It develops the abilities of students according to different stages of education.
  3. It helps in the development of personality.
  4. It develops and enhances professional readiness and efficiency in production.
  5. It invites partnership of teachers teaching all the subjects.
  6. It is based on the needs, interests & capabilities of students.
  7. It provides opportunities for experiencing conditions related to community services.
  8. It introduces the world of work.
  9. It provides an opportunity for interaction with different

    • Tools,
    • Techniques,
    • Methods,
    • Materials and objects.
  10. It develops regular habits and a positive attitude to fulfill the basic needs of the body.
  11. Work education provides the opportunity for self-expression on an individual basis after organizing artistic activities.
  12. It nurtures the ability to appreciate the feelings of conservation of local and national cultural legacy.
  13. Regularity, feelings to serve, feelings of responsibility perseverance, dutifulness, punctuality, cleanliness, self-control, laboriousness, sensitivity towards equality, the fraternity cannot be developed by mere reading books or listening to preaching’s, but can be developed at the time when the students perform different activities with each other.
  14. Work education provides information about the rules related to nutrition, food, infection diseases, and hygiene. They become alert and aware of maintaining community cleanliness through work education.
  15. To sensitize and bring awareness towards ambiance and develop an understanding of the inter-relation of environment and humanity.
  16. Develops understanding and feeling of pride towards the importance of physical work and labor.
  17. It helps in developing socially desirable values.
  18. Work education provides the opportunity to know various work conditions and to participate in them. It inspires to know the work and routine of workers.
  19. The real and ideal responsibility of education is to prepare children to face the challenges of life.
  20. Work education helps in developing necessary life skills like

    • Problem-solving,
    • Critical thinking,
    • Empathy,
    • Decision making,
    • Creative thinking,
    • Effective communication & enables children to face the demands and challenges of daily life effectively.
  21. In the whole school program, work education is probably one such subject which brings school closer to the society effectively.
  22. Work education takes care of each condition of the cultural and social background of the community. It invites artisans to display their talents and art.
  23. It helps in initiating feelings of leadership and leadership skill. Some children are naturally introverted and hesitate in initiating. Work education provides such experiences so that leadership can be developed and nurtured through easy activities.
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