Work Education Activities


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Work Education Activities

The following points should be focused While planning for the activities related to work education.

  1. Providing a chance to arouse interest and observe their environment.
  2. Providing opportunities for self-expression to the children.
  3. Helping children in acquiring basic skills required to solve the day-to-day problem.
  4. Helping them perform their routine activities properly.
  5. Helping in integrating experiences gained through different activities.
  6. Bringing awareness about conservation of environment.
  7. Develop a positive attitude for helping others and living in groups.

Planning Sessions And Activities For Work Education For Different Classes

1. Activities Related To Better Fulfillment Of Basic Needs

The following programs and activities can be included under this area.

a) Food and Agriculture:

  • Identifying Various Seeds, Forest Products, Manure, And Soils.
  • Preparing Compost Pits.
  • Preparing Flower, Plant Beds.
  • Selecting Good Quality Seeds.
  • Food And Fruit Preservation.
  • Making Tea, Coffee, Or Jaljeera Etc.
  • Preparing Squash And Pickles.
  • Sowing Seeds.
  • Taking Care And Maintaining Plants.
  • Preparing Coolers With The Help Of Pitchers, Clay Drums, And Vases.
  • Preparing Swings With The Help Of Plastic, Jute, And String.
  • Identifying Tools Used In Cultivation, Agricultural Products, And Manure

b) Health and Hygiene:

Awareness about personal hygiene, cleanliness, and maintenance of things needed in daily life.

  • Maintaining Cleanliness In School And Home
  • Binding Books And Note Books
  • Maintain Of Book Rack, Carpets, Poster, Calendar, Chart Paper Or Other Pictures
  • Repair Work

c) Clothes:

  • Preparing cover for T.V. and boxes etc.
  • Preparing foot mats, aasans, etc. with leftover small pieces of wool, rags, and jute, etc.
  • Learning to prepare dolls and puppets.

d) Residence:

  • Preparing bottle brush with the help of socks, swab for cleaning utensils by using useless things like
    • Grass,
    • Coconut fiber,
    • Gourd bark,
    • Thin wire and net etc.
  • Repairing rack, table, chair, stool, bed or tap, etc.

2. Activities Related To Beautification Of Environment

a) Preparing Material For Decoration:

  • Making flowers with the help of strips of clothes, thin colorful strips of paper wire, pearls or threads, etc.
  • Making decorative things with jute strings, rope, plastic strings, etc.
  • Making mats with old wool.
  • Decorating clay utensils
  • Making flower vases with bamboo.
  • Making different articles like clay toys, birds, and animals.

b) Making Useful Things:

  • Make pen/pencil holder, pin holder, letterbox, or hand fan.
  • Decorating clay utensils with the help of broken bangles or any other material.
  • Making masks
  • Making clay toys.
  • Preparing material for display board in the school.

3. Activities Related To Community Services

  • Participating in decorating at the time of festivals and events
  • Participating in cleanliness campaign in the nearby locality
  • Helping physically challenged people in their day-to-day work.
  • Participating in cleaning school premises as per their capacity.

4. Activities related to Environmental Awareness:

  • Preparing charts related to harmful effects of environmental pollution.
  • Collecting news and pictures related to environmental pollution.
  • Making slogans regarding environmental pollution and displaying them.
  • Displaying bulletin board with pictures related to factors polluting the environment.
  • Participating in programs like
    • Van Mahotsava and
    • Tree plantation.

5. Activities Related To Cultural Legacy And National Integration

  • To explore the food habits and living style of the people from different states.
  • Making pictures of national symbols like national flags etc.
  • To celebrate and know about the national festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day, etc.
  • To collect pictures of different musical instruments, dances.
  • To collect information about handicrafts from different places.

Essential And Elective Activities In Work Education

The core and elective areas of work education are:

a) Core Areas

  1. Health Education
  2. Textile Designing
  3. Value Development
  4. Media and Mass Communication
  5. Food Processing and Catering Management
  6. Nutrition Education
  7. Consumer Education
  8. Environment
  9. Population Education
  10. Culture and Recreation
  11. Commercial Art
  12. Information Technology
  13. Meal Planning and Preparation
  14. Home Management and Interior decoration
  15. Child Care and Creche Management
  16. Elements of Dress Designing
  17. Craft Work

b) Elective Areas and Activities

  1. Preparation of Specific items & their value addition
  2. Office Routine and Practices
  3. Book Keeping
  4. Repair & maintenance of Electrical Gadgets
  5. Computer Applications
  6. Typewriting
  7. Repair & maintenance of Simple Electronic Devices
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What Is Essential And Elective Activities In Work Education? Notes

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