Approaches Of Peace


5 Main Approaches Of Peace | Critically Evaluate The Different Approaches Of Peace Building - Power Politics, Conflict Resolution, Transformation, Nonviolence, World Order -

Approaches Of Peace

Different prominent peoples have suggested several different approaches, means, and ways for attaining peace.

Most approaches of peace professed by different educationists and researchers spin around 5 unique approaches, which are:


Power Politics

Peace Through Coercive Power


Conflict Resolution

Peace Through The Power Of Communication



Peace Through The Power Of Live



Peace Through Will Power


World Order

Peace Through The Power Of Law

Power Politics: Peace Through Coercive Power

In the subject of international relations, the 1st first approach of peace i.e. power politics is traditionally the most dominant framework.

  • Advocates of this approach, refer to it as “Political Realism”, and claim that no ‘Universal Values’ exist which can be maintained by all players in the international system.

Conflict Resolution: Peace Through The Power Of Communication

The 2nd approach, conflict resolution, provides a highly favorable pragmatic approach for peace.

  • According to this approach, conflict is natural at all levels of human interaction and organization, from the interpersonal to the interethnic and international.
  • This approach talks about analyzing conflicts with the development and refinement of skills, & responding to conflicts with effective strategies of proper communication & negotiation.
  • To resolve and manage conflicts successfully, one must be aware of his
    • Own attitudes regarding conflict and
    • Own habitual conflict management styles (collaborative, competitive, submissive, avoidant, etc.)

Transformation: Peace Through The Power Of Love:

The 3rd approach to peace focuses on the genuine attempts and struggles to make peace a reality in daily life.

The transformation approach emphasizes subject-matter like:

  • Cultural Change,
  • Spirituality, and
  • Centrality of Education.

The point of view of the transformation approach is that peacemaking is not just 

  • An effort to end the war,
  • Establish the presence of external value conditions, or
  • Remove structural violence.

But, it is, in addition, a deeply internal process, within which the transformation of a person develops into a symbol of an instrument of broader change.

Non-Violence: Peace Through Will Power

The most widespread false belief about the 4th approach to non-violence and peace is that it is an approach that enjoins passivity.

As Mahatma Gandhi, Martin L. King, and several others have highlighted that, nonviolence is an action spirited by the principles and learn by the proposition, that means & ends are inseparable.

According to the Non-violence approach,

Genuine power comes from human solidarity and willpower, rather than violence, as violence undermines community & sows the seeds of its own destruction.

World Order: Peace Through The Power Of Law

The 5th and final approach views the “Order” shaped and designed by practices that sustained cooperation among various states & other significant players, like Intergovernmental organizations or N.G.O (Non-governmental organizations).

This approach to peace explores the classification and arrangement in which the concept of world order rest.

Peace can be achieved through sincere efforts and policies, which

  • Build consensus,
  • Create opportunity,
  • Reduce injustice, and
  • Make multilateral frameworks available for responding actively to universal common challenges.

Taken together, these five approaches suggest that the path to peace is many and that can be traveled not only by diplomats and statesmen but also by individuals and ordinary citizens from all walks of life.

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Approaches Of Peace Notes

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