School Health Services


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School Health Services

The ultimate goal of the institutional and school health services program is the attainment of the physical, mental and emotional health of every student to the optimum experience for students leading them to adopt desirable health habits.

  • The health service program includes different protective measures to maintain and improve health.
  • The Aim Of Health services is to locate ill health and provide medical care after a proper medical check-up.

Agencies Of School Health Services

  • School medical department under the charge of a school doctor
  • School health educator
  • School dispensary
  • Red cross unit of the school
  • Sports department under the charge of a qualified physical education instructor

Establishment Of Health Services In Schools And Educational Institutions

In order to ensure the normal and sound physical condition of the students, the institutions should establish certain organized services and the program should constitute.

  1. Duties Of Teachers
  2. Medical Inspection And Maintaining Records
  3. School Clinic
  4. To Maintain Sound Health Condition
  5. Follow Up Work

1. Duties Of Teachers

  • Observation by the teacher and experts to locate defects and disease if any especially of skin, eyes, ears, teeth, etc and to inform the parents for speed recoveries.
  • In addition, teachers should look at the child’s posture, Cleanliness, and hygienic conditions. If they observe any deformity or diseases in the students, they must inform the school doctor and check that for the treatment.
  • A whole-time dispenser should be appointed for the school clinic of the dispensary where children may be given proper first aid and medicines for small diseases and for some ailments.

2. Medical Inspection And Maintaining Records

  • Proper arrangements in the school to get every student medically examined at the time of his first admission to the institution and in subsequent years.
  • Periodically arrange for health inspection of the students with regard to

    • Vision,
    • Hearing,
    • Dental,
    • Health and personal hygiene.
  • Maintain the records of medical inspection and health status of the children,
  • Promote the importance of vaccination and immunization to parents.
  • If any dangerous disease is identified, the school authorities should take proper steps and suggest the parents to consult with the experts in the hospital.

3. School Clinic

A school clinic or dispensary needs proper care and should be equipped with medicines for

  • Ordinary aliment,
  • Chairs,
  • Dispensary tables,
  • Bed for the sick of patients,
  • Covered dustbin,
  • Charts and models concerning health,
  • Scale for measuring height,
  • Heater and first aid boxes etc.

A school clinic helps in looking after the health of the students and for the systematic treatment of small diseases.

  • There should be at least two rooms for school clinics or dispensaries out of which one should be reserved for the school doctor where the students consult the doctor about their personal problems.

4. To Maintain Sound Health Condition

  • Highlight the importance of sanitation to children.
  • Maintain proper sanitation conditions of the school.
  • An arrangement in the school for first aid emergency treatment when the child receives injuries while playing or is suddenly ill.
  • Record the history and defects of special cases.

5. Follow Up Work

  • Head of the institutions may arrange for timely vaccination against smallpox and typhoid so as to reduce the outbreak of these infectious diseases.
  • If some students have some contagious disease like ringworm, eczema, or leprosy, precautionary measures should be adopted till they are cured of such diseases.
  • The physical defects of the children should be corrected.
  • The health status of the students reading in the school be appraised annually.
  • All the students of the school should get the benefit from school health counseling.

The guidance personnel physicians, school health educators, and the teachers should interpret to student and their parents the nature and significance of health problems and help them in formulating plans of action leading to the solution of the problems of the students.

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School Health Services Notes

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