Origin Of Geography


What Is The History Of Geography? | Explain How Geography Developed - Origin And Evolution Of Geography | How Did Geography Emerge As A Discipline?

Origin Of Geography

The first individual to use the word “geography” was Eratosthenes (276-194 B.C.) and it literally means “writing about the Earth”.

Geography has been derived from the words, ‘geo’ and ‘graphy’ where,

  1. Geo’ means ‘earth’ and
  2. Graphy’ means ‘study’ or ‘description’, which refers to ‘writing’.
Geography has passed through different phases of rise & fall and at every new step, the notion of geography experienced transformation.

The development journey of Geography can be divided into three parts:

  1. Geography in Ancient Age
  2. Geography in Middle Age
  3. Geography in Modern Age

Geography, in the beginning, did not have a very wide scope. It was restricted in subject matter and cramped.

In between 16th – 18th centuries, significant contributions towards geographical concepts were made by:

  • Babylonians,
  • Greeks,
  • Egyptians,
  • Phoenicians and
  • Romans.

The environment of the geographical study, thinking, analysis, and concept expanded all through middle age.

Discoveries and explorations in geography continue extensively.

Additionally, more and more geographical concepts, theories, hypotheses developed as

  • Geography gradually emerged from a descriptive approach of the classical ties to the analytical approach of the present time.
Change is fundamental to the development & processes. Man, a creature of nature that undergoes change constantly, gave wings to geography knowledge from time to time.

Geography has had a much-commended course of development. Geography has been a

  • Progressive,
  • Changing and
  • Dynamic subject.

These days geography is considered a part of the composite science of Human Society.


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Explain How Geography Developed - Origin And Evolution Of Geography Notes

What Is The History Of Geography? Notes For B.Ed In English Medium

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Important Questions For Exam:

What is the origin of geography?

What is the origin of the word geography?

How did geography emerge as a discipline?

Explain the origin and evolution of geography.

Describe origin of geography as a discipline.

Briefly outline the history of geography as an academic discipline.

What is the history of geography?

When did geography become a discipline?

How did geography become an academic discipline?

Briefly describe the timeline of history of geography.

When and how did geography begin?

Why is it important to study the history of geography?

When did geography become an academic discipline?

Briefly explain the evolution of geography from ancient to modern period.

Where was geography created?

What is the word geography mean?

When did geography become a thing?

When was geography founded?

Where does geography come from. State the major event in geography history.

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