Modern Geography


Define Modern Geography - How Technology Improved Geography? | Meaning, Contribution And Development Of Modern Geography | How Is Geography Applied?

Modern Geography

Every domain of social science have shared purpose, that is, the study of human,

  • Yet all throw different light, with different points of view,
  • Each domain has progressed its own method of studying mankind and resolving social difficulties.
Geography study the Behaviors & Structures of human civilizations. Geography had its beginning when man started finding his relationship with his physical surroundings & where he actually belonged and exist.

The reason why geography is part of social studies is that is a study and investigation of mankind.

What Is Modern Geography?

Modern Geography Is Defined As:

“Geography is a science of man on the earth studying the action and interaction between man & nature".

Geography is a unifying science, the raw material it deals with is derived largely for other sciences and studies, it deals with the material in its own way seeking and discovering the interrelation of phenomena & the integration between man & the phenomena”.

The present-day world has witnessed the countless greatest innovations in so many geographical areas due to

  • New Concepts,
  • Techniques, and
  • Rediscovering concepts of geography with a fresh and scientific approach.
  1. The human characteristic of geography has been acknowledged in recent times because of the gigantic transformation in educational psychology.
  2. Modern geography is now considered to be a distinct science, calling for an extensive investigation of the wide-ranging territories of the planet.
  3. Like any other science, geography also follows a scientific course.
  4. The integration of natural environments and their expressing on the landscape is the field of geographical studies.

The greatest recognized idea of scientific geography is:

  1. Solving national and international problems and
  2. To treat the planet as essentials.

The introduction of different statistical techniques & approaches is proven to be tremendously useful for doing researches in

  • Human,
  • Physical,
  • Regional and
  • Economic geography.

Nowadays, geographers are ever more concerned with examining and understanding

  • Geographical Data,
  • Process,
  • Structure and Patterns,
  • Techniques that are even used by other subjects of study.
The perspective of modern-day geography is as wide as the earth, as large as life itself.

The concept of applied geography is of great weight in

  1. Building universal brotherhood.
  2. Finding the practical solutions to modern-day problems.
  3. Offering scope to apply geographical skills of
    1. Analysis,
    2. Survey, and
    3. Synthesis in the real world.

Techniques like land use survey, implemented by geographers used extensively to

  • Study agriculture regions and understand the processes of
    • Social,
    • Economic, and
    • Regional development.
  • Bring improvement and changes in the social amenities.

Geography today is concerned with the needs & interests of the child by

  1. Enlightening them about the diversity of the world.
  2. Guiding how to live in a world of diverse things and events.
  3. Connecting human communities, settlement.


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Modern Geography Notes

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Important Questions For Exam:

What do modern geographers study?

How does geography explain the modern world?

What are the basic geographical approaches?

Why is technology important in geography?

How has technology improved geography?

Define modern geography?

What are the 3 main technology tools geographers use today?

How does modern technology help geographers?

How is geography applied?

How is geography constantly changing?

What is applied geography?

Meaning and contribution of modern geography.

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