Need And Significance Of Teaching Geography


[14 Reasons] Why It Is Important To Teach Geography | Why Geography Important In Simple Words? | Significance And Need Of Teaching Geography In Points

Need And Significance Of Teaching Geography

The need and significance of teaching geography can very well be described with the support of the following points:

1. Economic Efficiency

In the present day world, the progress of a country is calculated by the facilities and services it provides to other nation-states.

  • The geography knowledge helps the learner to provide any such assistance and service & give a chance to make his livelihood.
  • Geography learning makes the students
    • Resourceful,
    • Self-sufficient, and
    • More aware of their surroundings.

2. Love for Nature

A learner of geography knows how to appreciate and value, the beauty of nature better.

Geography instigates in the learner a deep love and affection for nature.

When a geography learner is educated about nature, like

  • Green forests
  • Snow clad peaks,
  • Deep dark oceans,
  • Animal wealth etc. He is destined to be supporting & attached regarding nature.
Attachment pertaining to nature possibly will cultivate in students a sense of protection and responsibility towards taking care of nature with its beauty.

3. Intellectual Development

Appropriate intellectual growth is a compulsion for any type of apt cultural consciousness.

Intellectual development assist student:

  • To differentiate between good & bad.
  • To have all-inclusive development an essential to grow as a successful part of society.

To earn a good living is not the only objective of life. One also needs and requires leisure after making his livelihood.

  • Intellectual development aids in creating the ability to spend one’s leisure period usefully and properly.
  • Leisure time can be utilized in spiritual and intellectual development for the stable progress of mankind.

4. Development Of International Understanding

No one can realize more vividly than the trained geographer that the regions of the world are interdependent and no one can base the approach to world harmony on sounder foundations”.  - Norwood

The key aim of teaching geography is to develop international understanding among students.

  • Understanding societies, nations, peoples, problems around distinct places of this diverse planet automatically build international understanding.
  • Learning and teaching geographical concepts about different areas, helps to bridge the gap between nations and aids as a powerful tool to avoid conflicts.

From one’s learning of diverse persons of the earth, one sees and realizes that all nation-states, large & small, rely upon one another

  • Culturally,
  • Economically, and
  • Socially, and also, helps in realizing how this interdependence imposes several duties on every human & on every nation.

The responsibility of geography educators is to teach students about

  • International pacts
  • International NGO &
  • International organizations.
  • The teacher of geography should also point out, how these international bodies are busy answering and solving complex world problems.

Geography learning teaches students

  • Present-day world reality,
  • Economic interdependence &
  • The need for more International Solidarity.
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5. Development Of Human Civilization

"Numerous civilizations came into existence & numerous civilization vanished because of geographical factors".

The most essential aim of geography study is to

  • Study factors responsible for life existence and extinct and
  • To know how the culture and civilization of various regions are affected by different geographical factors.

Geographical knowledge can also be used in doing meaningful comparisons.

For instance: Student can compare and judge himself & his conditions, environments with different persons with their conditions and environments.

  • This evaluation will teach the students, the proper fulfillment of their responsibilities and duties towards others.
  • This comparison will help students to gain precious knowledge and to make a proper evaluation of their own self.

6. Acquisition Of Knowledge Of Natural Resources

The fundamental duty of teaching geography is to play a part concerning the fulfillment of education aim by carrying such measures and actions which ensure:

  1. Comprehensive factual knowledge,
  2. Proper knowledge about factual relationships &
  3. Having clear growth of intellectual abilities among students.

Students of today shall be citizens of tomorrow.

Knowledge of economic conditions and natural resources gained by these future stakeholders through geography study will play an effective part in the economic and administrative development of the world.

7. Development Of Balanced Personality

The student can secure a well-developed personality with effective & suitable use of geography knowledge he has.

  • The insight of physical elements & environment which students acquire from the education of geography
    • Lends a leading hand in developing their personality and
    • Allows them to grow appropriately.

8. Knowledge Of The World And The Broadening Outlook

“Geography demonstrates that throughout the ages none has been able to boast that he can exist”.

One of the main objectives and aims of teaching and learning geography is promoting an international outlook.

  • The teaching of geography provides knowledge about the diversity of the earth and
  • Helps students in Appreciating and Understanding the Value of this Diversity.

For Example: Teaching different peoples, societies, living conditions of the world, assist students to understand the contributions and role they made for the development of world culture.

World Knowledge expands student outlook and brings in the center stage the concept and need of

  • Global citizenship and
  • World brotherhood.

Knowledge of geography realizes the interdependence of mankind.

  • A student with geography knowledge grows to be more acquainted with the diversity present in the modern-day world and
  • Understands fully that these disparities are precise because of differences in the physical environments.

9. Development Of Sympathetic Outlook And Quality Of Generosity

With geography knowledge, students become conscious of the interdependence of mankind.

  • The student forms a sympathetic and generous mindset when he witnesses a sharp resemblance in people's needs all around the globe.

The quality of generosity and sympathetic feeling if developed properly will amplify the

  • The idea of world democracy,
  • Human rights and their values and
  • Helps in forming the world more peaceful for all times to come.

This attitude will help students

To grow not only as good citizens, but as good world citizens.

10. Quality Of Adjustment With Environment

Geography educates the student about humans of distinct lands, their:

  • Culture,
  • Way of living,
  • Habitat etc.

This kind of knowledge even immensely benefits students for future life adjustment.

This awareness will teach valuable skills and qualities among students like

  • Quality of how to successfully adjust with the environment.
  • Prompt him to know and see more about his surroundings.
  • To change and mould himself in accordance with the circumstances, and to be ready for change.

11. Development Of Power Of Reasoning, Invention, And Discovery

Geography knowledge develops certain mental abilities in the students like:

  1. Reasoning,
  2. Imagination
  3. Invention & discovery.

a. Reasoning:

  • Geography aids in developing the reasoning power among students.
  • Being a science-oriented discipline, geography teaching made students to discover a cause & effect relationship, and then students need to reason out various things as per the data.

b. Imagination:

  • Geography broadens students' minds.
  • Geography stimulates imagination and resourcefulness with the facts, data it provides.
  • Geography fosters imagination in young minds with its practical utility.

c. Invention and discovery:

  • Geography teaching helps students to pick up the outlook of discoveries and inventions as in the process of learning geography students so many occasions come across
    • Different techniques and methods,
    • Secrets of nature,
    • New species etc.

12. Knowledge About Influences Of Geographical Factors On Man

With the increasing interdependence of nature and man, the knowledge of geography becomes much more urgent. 

  • Geography knowledge gives a better understanding and recognition of the impact of different geographical factors on the life of man.

For Example: The eating pattern of man directly relates to his surrounding geographical factors.

Knowledge of geography provides a picture of how geographical factors create and recreate the man's
  • Custom,
  • Habits and
  • Ultimately changes his life.

13. Love For Travel And Knowledge About Other Countries

Culture is the sympathetic appreciation of the universal truth expressed in literature, art, science, philosophy & religion.
Geography encourages travel.
  • A student of geography when informed about different cultures and countries gets inspired and enthusiastic to take travel and
  • To know further about those unseen, unheard places.
  • The knowledge and wisdom gained by these journeys will help the student in tackling loads of problems of everyday life. 
  • Studying and learn landscape might become a useful pastime for the students.
Travel sharpens man’s instinct to know the unknown, to see the unseen, and to fathom the unfathomed.

14. Development Of A Nation

Geography knowledge makes a vital impact on the progress of a nation.

Students pick up a constructive outlook to all that concerns their nation from the

  • Direct observations,
  • Study of books &
  • Experiences provided by geography.

Geography teaching allows students to feel and appreciate

  • Social,
  • Racial and
  • Political ties of his nation.

A thorough understanding of their nation’s geography creates a strong desire in a student to willingly serve his nation and fellow citizens.

The big responsibility of geography teachers is to honestly and meaningfully teach such examples and lessons which can arouse significant curiosity and awareness in the students about their habitats.


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Need And Significance Of Teaching Geography Notes

Why Geography Important In Simple Words? | Significance And Need Of Teaching Geography In Points Notes For B.Ed In English Medium

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