Role Of Social Science Teacher


Why Are Teacher Important -  What Are The Key Roles Of Social Science Teacher In Students Life| List Key Duties And Responsibilities Of Teacher | Role Of Teacher In Teaching Social Science

Role Of Social Science Teacher

Teaching Social studies is a herculean task, but social science educators, one of the most important agents of education can create and promote necessary skills, understanding, attitudes among students.

  1. The student mind should be educated for reasoning & critical thinking. A social science teacher is supposed to teach the pupil how to think objectively, he should
    • Enable the pupils to recognize the existence of propaganda around him.
    • Point out the misleading notion in specific terms.
    • Importantly refuse to sponsor false propaganda.
  2. In order to produce world-minded citizens,  the teacher must be world-minded himself. To enable students to grow up free from prejudice, the social science teacher needs to break down prejudices within himself.

  3. Social science educator must himself
    • Extend his horizon and background of information,
    • Develop accurate, factual national and International outlook among himself and within his students.
  4. Social studies teachers should enlarge students the knowledge, not just the national level but international too:
    • It is he who can expand and preach an international outlook.
    • It is he who can foster peace and harmony in the rising generation.
    • It is he who can help in promoting a better understanding of the world.
    • It is he who can develop social skills necessary in dealing with misunderstandings that arise between different cultures, religions, nations, etc.
  5. To promote international understanding it is vital that the teacher emphasizes that man remains man first and then he can be called an Indian, American, Russian, Englishman, and Chinese, and so on.
  6. Social science teachers should first teach the history of humans to children and then move towards teaching world histories like the history of French, America, and Russia, etc.
  7. Wars begin in the mind of men. It is therefore important that defense of peace are constructed in the minds of men.

  8. Social skills go a long way in a student’s life. The teacher should impart:
    • Correct knowledge and emphasize correct facts.
    • Worth of friendly personal relationship.
    • Ability to evaluate with no preconception.
    • How to take the difference of opinion constructively.
    • Ability to arrive at a consensus on a controversial matter.
  9. To make students enable to meaningfully grasp and evaluate the plans and policies of countries. It is he who can become a force for good in the world community.
  10. Social sciences teachers should regularly
    1. Conduct debates and discussions,
    2. Give example,
    3. Show slides related to topics,
    4. Use questioning,
    5. Utilize audiovisual,
    6. Provide anecdotes etc.
  11. Social sciences teachers should introduce amongst students the right values of life such as:
    • Love of justice,
    • Cooperation,
    • Harmony,
    • Love of truth and
    • Appreciating the contributions of others etc.
Teachers of social science are in a position to influence thousands of young minds. If they succeed in making every child world minded, peace will take care of itself.


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Role Of Social Science Teacher Notes

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Why are teacher important?

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