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Nature Of Social Science

Social science is way beyond merely subject study, its true nature can be appreciated only by further analyzing the discipline.

Nature of the social science is:

1. A Unique Combination Of Various Disciplines

Social science draws interrelated information from various disciplines or subjects of study and integrates them meaningfully. This sheds insight into the exact nature of social life in its totality.

Correlation Of Social Science With Other Subjects

Though social science can be treated as a separate subject it is also a harmonious blending of various subjects, such as,

  • Political Science & History,
  • Anthropology,
  • Law & Economics,
  • Geography,
  • Art Education,
  • Sociology & Psychology,
  • Literature etc.

2. A Realistic Course Of Study

Social Science makes real-life settings available to the learner. Situations related to social problems, processes, and phenomena are fundamental to social science.

Effective interpretation of any situation would compel intense study and generate more solutions and helps learners to grasp many merits like:

  • Cooperation,
  • Precision,
  • Commitment,
  • Interdependence,
  • Loyalty etc.

3. A Study Of Human Relationships

Social science is the study of man and his relationship with other human beings and his environment.

Social science deals with plentiful issues of man and its solutions. Social science studies the web of relationships between and among people's

  • Traditions,
  • Institution,
  • Classes,
  • Organizations,
  • Groups etc.

4. Forms Important Part Of The Core Curriculum

Social science is studied as an irreducible minimum program.

Social science forms a significant part of the core–curriculum even for a learner who likes to go for some other specialization like

  • Mathematics,
  • Science,
  • Engineering,
  • IT etc. They too need social science awareness and knowledge for success in those fields.

Essentially, social studies wants to equip man with the skills and understandings which enable him to lead a prosperous and positive life.

5. Includes Commitment To Action

Social science through the socially significant nature of its content empower every learner:

  • To be an informed individual.
  • To learn the process of individual and social action required for an informed citizen in the world.
  • To uses his knowledge by participating actively and constructively in the affiants of society.

6. Study Of Man’s Growth Across Ages

Social science offers a far-reaching study of man’s progress.

Social science reacts to questions like:

  • What is the unique contribution of a man who lived at various ages of human history for human development?
  • How humans succeeded in evolving in each period?
  • Why man failed in his attempts and when? etc.

7. Prepares For Practical Social Living

Social skills help to lead a purposeful and successful adult life. Social science enriches learners intellectually and helps in overall inclusive development.

When a learner understands the subjects matter he/she explores it intensely and attempts to embrace this essential knowledge into their own social environment.


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Nature Of Social Sciences Notes

7 Nature Of Social Science - Multidisciplinary Nature Of Social Science Notes For B.Ed In English Medium

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Describe the nature of teaching Social Studies.

Explain the nature of Social Sciences.

Discuss the nature of Social science.

Briefly discuss the importance of teaching of Social science based on the nature.

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