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Scope Of Social Science

By scope, we mean the extent, variety, and comprehensiveness of the learning experience possible through its curriculum transaction.

Scope of Social Science is the range of content and experiences that are to be provided to the learner through its teaching.

Scholars like ‘Michaels’ are of the opinion that

  • The breadth of the Social Science program should provide for a variety of experiences so that the child's learning will be well-rounded and well-balanced.
  • A narrow compartmentalized program limits the scope of social learning.

The scope of Social Science as a subject of study are:

1. Vast and wide as the world

The scope of social science is as wide as the world and as long as the history of man.

Renowned historian Johnson’s said:

History is everything that ever happened. It is the study of human relationships in areas such as:

  • People and Earth (Place of Living).
  • People of one’s own nation and people across the world.
  • People and Time (Chronology).
  • People and various kinds of institutions.
  • People and Resources (Goods and Services).

The scope of social science is very vast. Everything that happened to date has got some kind of denotations or connotations with some branch of social sciences.

2. Inter disciplinary approach

Subjects when synthesized into a compact whole by blending them together, then the comparatively limited scope of each subject becomes broader and deeper.

  • Integration is essential for a meaningful understanding.
  • For example: Social Science, Natural science, and Physical science are different areas, but they are interdependent and interrelated.

3. A study leading to international understanding

Universal Brotherhood of man is essential in an age of crisis.

The study of two world wars convinced us the fact that the best policy for any nation is “Live and Let Live” as quoted by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Social science expands the vision of man beyond his society and nation to the world as a whole. Social science possesses the required potential to lead children towards the goal of more

  • Awareness,
  • Cooperation and
  • International understanding.

4. A functional study of natural and physical sciences and fine arts

The term functional study indicates that whatever be the factual materials obtained from various areas of study must have a direct and immediate relationship to the needs and interests of children.

In Social Science, we have to deal with how advances in the field of

  • Physiology,
  • Botany,
  • Physics,
  • Chemistry and
  • Zoology has helped the health, progress, and welfare of people’s life at large.

The developments in the field of science and technology have thoroughly changed the social life of man all over the world.

To have a better understating of people all over the world a functional study of fine arts such as

5. Practical study of various Resources

Social Science as a subject of study is rich enough to give a good exposure not only to natural resources but also to human resources of different cultures and civilizations.

Students obtain practical knowledge by going on field trips to places of importance such as:

  • Historical places,
  • Cultural places,
  • Geographical places,
  • Economic places and
  • Scientific places.

Field trips give learners rich practical experiences which enhance their social efficiency.

6. A study of current affairs

The scientific study of contemporary issues is of great value in Social Science education.

Social science focuses on a more equipped future. When dealing with our current problems and issues, a meaningful analysis of the past also becomes essential which is also supported by social science.


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Scope Of Social Science Notes

Discuss And Define The Scope Of Social Science In Points | List 6 Scope Of Social Sciences Subject Notes For B.Ed In English Medium

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