Developing International Understanding Through Teaching Social Science


What Is International Understanding? - How Do Social Sciences Contribute To Our Understanding Of The World | Importance Of International Understanding

Developing International Understanding Through Teaching Social Science | Aims Of Social Science Education For International Understanding

There are 2 definite facts in the contemporary world:

  1. Inevitability of worldwide contact.
  2. Rising supremacy of destruction available to all the nations.

Equally there are 2 hopeful prospects:

  1. Possibility of larger mutual understanding through the multiplication of contact.
  2. Immense possibility for constructive work thorough mutual cooperation of the citizens of all nations.

We are living today in a shrinking world. The future of mankind as a whole depends on peaceful coexistence.

Peace and harmony is the unanimous demand, right from birth to the old age universally.

Social science education can accomplish a lot in building up a peaceful world by teaching the future citizens

  • A right international outlook,
  • Faith in the human spirit,
  • Healthy attitudes,
  • Moral values,
  • World loyalties etc.

The biggest commitment of social science education is to aid the students to

  • Comprehend the momentous changes going on in the world around them.
  • Appreciate the necessity for cooperation with societies of other
    • Nationalities,
    • Regions,
    • races,
    • Creeds etc.

Social science promote international peace and security. Social science is a treasure for

  • Prosperity,
  • Peace,
  • Ethos, and
  • Civilization.

Social science make efforts to cut the root of misunderstanding which spearheads dissensions and further led to war causing destruction of the things.

The world of sorrow, cold war and competition, needs to be converted into a world of smiles, co –existence and cooperation.

The speed of modern transportation and communication and the range of destructiveness of modern weapons have erased the margin of distance and time. A conflict in any part of the earth create misery in the life of man at the street.

Social studies teaching craft right attitudes that may lead to better

  • International understanding and
  • Cooperation.

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Wars originate in the brains of men, a safeguards must be built for peace. Here, social science teaching helps man and instills the

  • Right opinions,
  • Sentiments, and
  • infuse correct feelings in the minds of the young during their vulnerable period of life.
Education on international lines can make the citizens of tomorrow, the torch bearers of peace and enlightenment.


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How Do Social Sciences Contribute To Our Understanding Of The World Notes

Importance Of International Understanding Notes For B.Ed In English Medium

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Important Questions For Exam:

What is the role of social science in the building international understanding?

How present concept of social science teaching create international understanding?

How do social sciences contribute to our understanding of the world?

Explain the importance of international understanding.

Describe the role of teaching social science in creating inter-national integration and understanding.

What is international understanding?

Briefly discuss the impact of social science on inter-national understanding.

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