Correlation Of Social Science With Other Subjects


What Is Correlation Of Subjects - How Is Social Studies Related To Other Subjects? | Describe Relationship Between Social Sciences And Other Subjects

Correlation Of Social Science With Other Subjects | Interdisciplinary approach in Social science

Social Science Is A Very Broad Subject. In This Post We Will Dig Into How Social Science Is Correlated With Other Subjects?

1. Social Science With Languages

Languages and social studies are supplementary and complementary to one another. With language as its medium, Literature reflects the social and cultural heritage of a country plus humanity as a showcase in numerous literary forms like

  • Stories and Poems,
  • Travelogues,
  • Dramas,
  • Essays and Novels,
  • Biography etc.

On the other hand, to grasp the actual meaning of social science topics and to meaningfully present them, require appropriate language proficiencies.

2. Social Science With History

History plays a significant role in understanding and identification of the man in society, therefore, also in structuring social science subjects.

History shares a close connection with social studies and is taught often as a part of the social science syllabus at school.

For example:

  • History is concerned primarily either with periods of time in the past or with themes running through centuries. Most study materials in social science include the concept of the significance of time, which is used to bring awareness about the need to see phenomena in the terms of their place of chronological scale.

History and social science are interdependent, history provides a perspective and basis to the topics of social science like:

  • Population and planning,
  • Education,
  • Customs,
  • Movements,
  • War and Social moves etc.

History as a study of the origins of the present is an essential feature of any sound scheme of social science.

3. Social Science With Mathematics

No aspect of present-day life exists which does not require mathematics. Mathematics is useful in various socially relevant programs like

  • Accounting,
  • Banking,
  • Trade,
  • Budgeting etc.

Social Science can be useful in its aim of making students a valuable part of society, only with a successful correlation of mathematics.

4. Social Science With Geography

Geography and social sciences are inseparably attached.

Social science topics are highly affected by geography, the geographical situations of countries have a tremendous effect on the social life of their residents.

For Example: 

England built a powerful navy and created a great empire mostly because of its geographical location and conditions.

Social studies and Geography are intimately connected in the study of topics such as:

  • Mode of living of people,
  • living conditions,
  • Food habits,
  • Standard of living etc.

5. Social Science With General Sciences

Sciences have reimagined all parts of human life, the application of science in the day-to-day life of human society needs no explanation.

For instance:

All branches of sciences-physics, chemistry, biology, etc. are making rapid strides both in theory and practice.

Sciences can be appreciated only if it will be linked with the history of human life and civilization.

The process involved in science can brought its desire implication in the learner when they allied with their social life. The study of

  • Facts
  • Principles
  • Laws
  • Experiments all require social science and general science.

6. Social Science With Economics

Social sciences seek to develop a competent individual into a good, independent, and patriotic citizen. This is not possible without some knowledge of economics, which constitutes an integrated part of social studies.

Social science is incomplete without Economics. Social science draws from Economics much of its knowledge related to basic requirements of the human being such as

  • Shelter,
  • Food,
  • Clothing etc.

7. Social Science With Biology

Principles of biology are of great use for social scientists.

For example:

  • Using biological principles, social scientists put forward a cohesive representation of population dynamics.

Biological theories and concepts interlaced into social sciences provide important support in the understanding of many existing problems.

8. Social Science With Fine Arts

Be it Social sciences or Fine arts both have similar goals like:

  • Re-route the capabilities of children more meaningfully and socially useful.
  • Desires and tendencies of children to have more purpose and thought.
  • Make children good citizens.

The study of social studies & fine art is goal-oriented and meaningful only by adopting apt instructional approaches and strategies.

9. Social Science With Physics

Innovations in science & technology transformed social life around the planet like:

  • Speedy means of communication and transport have brought nations and humans closer with one another.

Social science and Physical science are tightly related in dealing with

  • Transport and Food,
  • Weather,
  • Clothing and Shelter,
  • Communication etc.


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Correlation Of Social Science With Other Subjects Notes

How Is Social Studies Related To Other Subjects? Notes For B.Ed In English Medium

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Describe relationship between social sciences and other subjects.

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