Pedagogy of Geography Syllabus

Pedagogy of Geography Syllabus, Course Content, Unit Wise Topics And Suggested Books For B.Ed 1st And 2nd Year And All The 4 Semesters In English Free Download PDF

Pedagogy of Geography Syllabus

Pedagogy of Geography Syllabus For B.Ed First Year, Second Year, And Semester 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th And 8th Free Download PDF For The Session 2020 - 2021 - 2022

Pedagogy of Geography

  • Time: 3 Hours
  • Max. Marks: 100
  • (Theory: 80, Internal: 20)


  1. Paper setter will set nine questions in all, out of which students will be required to attempt five questions.
  2. Q.No 1 will be compulsory and will carry 16 marks. There will be four short -answer type Questions of 4 marks each to be selected from the entire syllabus.
  3. Two long answer type questions will be set from each of the four units, out of which the student will be required to attempt one question from each unit. Long- answer type questions will carry 16 marks each.

Course Outcomes (COs)

After completion of the course the student teacher will be able to:

  • Explain the concept, nature, and scope of teaching Geography.
  • Understand the aims and objectives of teaching Geography
  • Perform Pedagogical analysis of various topics in Geography at the Secondary level.
  • Get acquainted with the procedures of the lesson plan.
  • Critically evaluate existing curriculum, syllabus, and textbooks.
  • Prepare, select and utilize different instructional materials.
  • Apply appropriate methods and techniques of teaching at different levels.
  • Acquire competencies in preparing tools of evaluation for the teaching Geography.




  • Meaning, nature & scope of Geography.
  • Importance of teaching geography as a school subject.
  • Aims and objective of Teaching Geography at School Level.
  • Bloom’s taxonomy of objectives.



  • Meaning and importance of pedagogical analysis
  • Points followed for pedagogical analysis: (i) Identification of concept (ii) Listing behavioral outcomes (iii) Listing activities & Experiments (iv) Listing evaluation techniques.
  • Some content for pedagogical analysis:
    • Latitudes & longitudes
    • Rotation & Revolution
    • Agents of denudation
    • Physical Division of India
    • Cash crops of India
  • Development of lesson plan



  • Development and designing of curriculum
  • Development of textbooks
  • Development of self-instructional material
  • Self-instructional modules
  • L. materials (Linear style) packages
  • Development of instructional aids-Maps, atlas, Globes, Charts, Graphs, Models, Film Strips, Film Shades, Utilizaation of T.V., Video OHP, Computer
  • Designing geography laboratory.



  • Various methods used – Discovery Method, Discussion method, Problem Solving, Concept Mapping, Project, Laboratory, Story Telling, Concept Attainment Model, Inquiry Training Model.
  • Meaning, Importance, and Types of Evaluation in Geography
  • New approaches to Assessment - Question bank, Open Book, Examination, Grading & Credit System.
  • Construction of Achievement Test – Concept and Steps.


Any one of the following:

  • Make an Observation of a place of Geographical interest of your locality and prepare a report on it.
  • Conduct a quiz competition on Geographical questions in class.
  • Prepare a list of 10 books/Journals in Geography with all bibliographic details for purchasing in the library/prepare a Text Book Material for a Particular Topic.
  • Draw different types of maps of the World, India, and locality.
  • Prepare a sample of different types of test items on different objectives/Select a concept in Geography to prepare a diagnostic test.
  • Prepare a sample Content analysis/ Prepare instructional objectives/Learning Activity/Learning Experience of a Topic from standard 6th to 10th.


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  • David B. (1985). New Directions in Geography Education, London: Fehur Press
  • David, H. (1976). Geography and Geography Teacher, London: Unwin Education Books
  • Graves, N.G. (1982). New Sourcebook for Geography Teaching, Longman: UNESCoHuckle, J. (1983). Geographical Education Reflection and Action, London: Oxford, University Press
  • Mohd, Z.U. (1984). Tadress Jugratia, Taraqqui Urdu Board New Source Book for Teaching of Geography UNESCO.
  • Morrey, D.C. (1972). Basic Geography, London: Hien manns Education Book Ltd.
  • Neelam D. (1993). Multimedia, Approaches in Teaching Social Studies, New Delhi: Human Publishing House
  • Verma, J.P. (1960). Bhugol Adhyhan, Agra: Vinod Pustak Mandir
  • Verma, O.P. (1984). Geography Teaching , New Delhi: Sterling Publication Ltd.
  • Walford R. (1981). Signposts for Geography Teaching, London: Longman

Note: This Is The General Pattern Of The Syllabus For Pedagogy of Geography Subject For B.Ed. The Topics, Units, Course Content, Question Paper Pattern And Recommended Author Books May Vary From Your B.Ed College Or University.

B.Ed Syllabus

Teaching of Geography Syllabus

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