What Is Action Research In Education?


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What Is Action Research In Education?

Research concerned with school problems, carried on by school personnel to improve school practice, is action research. - S. Bachwell

The concept of Action Research is very old, but Stephen M. Corey applied it in the field of Education for the first time.

According to Stephen M. Corey

"Our schools cannot keep up with the life they are supposed to sustain and improve unless teachers, students, supervisors, administrators, and school patrons continuously examine what they are doing, singly and in groups. They must use their imaginations creatively and constructively to identify the practices that must be changed to meet the needs and demands of modern life. Courageously try out those practices that give letter promise and methodically and systematically gather evidence to test their worth".

Meaning Of Research?

According to Random Marey

"Research is systematized efforts to gain new knowledge"

The research process establishes

  • New truth,
  • Finds out new facts,
  • Formulation of new theories and
  • Suggests to new applications.

It is a purposeful activity that contributes to the enhancement of knowledge.

What Is Action Research?

Action Research is a kind of classroom research taken up by the class teacher or subject teachers with a view to find out what action can be taken to solve a certain problem in the shortest possible time.

For example,

A student who performs very well in written exams fails to give oral answers or a group of students constantly miss a particular subject period. There may be some reasons for all such problems, all that is required is a certain more effort on the part of the teachers to get involved and ask

  • Why?
  • What? and
  • How?

Action Research is that one way that gives an opportunity to the teachers to get involved in solving their problems.

No other researcher can help a teacher solve such practical problems faced by him in his daily classroom transactions, but the teacher himself.

How Can Action Research Improve Classroom Teaching?

Action Research is not concerned merely with solving problems in a class but can also be conducted to verify the consequences of new educational decisions, teaching and leadership strategies, and many more.

  • It functions as a supporting device for teaching. In other words, action research is the practical aspect of educational research.
  • It is a method for improving and modifying the working system of a classroom in a school.
  • In this, research efforts are made to solve the practical difficulties and problems scientifically which changes the working system and the desired objectives are achieved.
  • The teacher and principal are able to study their problems of teaching scientifically. It is a problem-oriented method.
  • The action Research project improves and modifies the current practices.

Action research is inquiry or research in the context of focused efforts to improve the quality of an organization and its performance. It typically is designed and conducted by practitioners who analyze the data to improve their own practice.

Action research can be done by individuals or by teams of colleagues. The team approach is called collaborative inquiry.

Why Is Action Research Important For Teachers?

Action research has the potential to generate genuine & sustained improvements in schools.

It gives educators new opportunities

  • To explore and test new ideas, methods, and materials
  • To reflect on and assess their teaching
  • To assess how effective the new approaches were
  • To share feedback with fellow team members and
  • To make decisions about which new approaches to include in the team's curriculum, instruction, and assessment plan.
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