Benefits Of Action Research For Teachers?


Teachers often leave a mark on their students, but they seldom leave a mark on their profession.

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Benefits Of Action Research For Teachers?

It has been said, There is a growing body of evidence of the positive personal & professional effects that engaging in action research has on the practitioner.

Action research provides teachers with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skill in research methods and applications and to become more aware of the options and possibilities for change.

  • Teachers engaging in action research attend more carefully to their methods, their perceptions and understandings, and their whole approach to the teaching process.
  • Teachers participating in action research become more critical and reflective about their own practice.
  • What they are learning will have a great impact on what happens in classrooms and schools in the future.
  • As teachers engage in action research, they are increasing their understanding of the schooling process.

In the words of Stephen M. Corey, it is clear that action research is an important tool for improving the teaching-learning process. According to him, our school cannot keep up with the life they are supposed to sustain and improve unless teachers.

In spite of these, several additional benefits and importance of action research in the teacher training programs to bring quality are as follows:

  1. Teacher investigates their own practice in a new way taking a closer look at what children actually do and what they themselves do.
  2. Action research helps the teacher scientifically to solve the problems that occur during the classroom teaching, presentation, and achieving learning objectives.
  3. Action research helps a practitioner to perceive, understand and assess the situation and it further facilitates a systematic analysis and working out plausible reasons for the unsatisfactory condition.
  4. Action research offers teachers the opportunity to investigate questions and concerns related to their teaching practice and their student's learning.
  5. Teachers develop a deeper understanding of children during the teaching-learning process and they play a major role in the development of children.
  6. Teachers are viewed as equal partners with their collaborators in deciding what works best in their situation.
  7. Action research is a systematic method of solving problems, improving upon things, and converting an unsatisfactory situation into a satisfactory one.
  8. Teachers are often more committed to the implementation of a project that they have been involved with in designing. Action research provides teachers the opportunity to improve their teaching and make the teaching-learning process effective.
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