Importance Of Action Research


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Importance Of Action Research

Good teachers, often look for ways to expand upon their existing knowledge.

Action research can be a worthwhile pursuit for educators for a number of reasons. Foremost among these is simply the desire to know more.

Importance Of Action Research

1. Important for Teacher Professional Development:

  1. Research and reflection allow teachers to grow and gain confidence in their work.
  2. Action research projects influence

    • Thinking skills,
    • Sense of efficacy,
    • Willingness to share and communicate, and
    • Attitudes toward the process of change.
  3. Through action research, teachers learn about themselves, their students, their colleagues, and can determine ways to continually improve.

2. Evaluation of Own Practice:

Opportunities for teachers to evaluate themselves in schools are often few, and usually happen only in an informal manner.

  1. Action research can serve as a chance to really take a look at one’s own teaching in a structured manner.
  2. While the focus of action research is usually the students, educators can also investigate what effect their teaching is having on their students, how they could work better with other teachers or ways of changing the whole school for the better.
  3. Conversations can take on a different focus from attempting to “fix” to arrive at understanding.

3. Focus on School Issues, Problems, or Area of Collective Interest:

  1. Research done with the teacher’s students, in a setting with which the teacher is familiar helps to confer relevance and validity to a disciplined study.
  2. Often, academic research is seen as disconnected from the daily lives of educators. While this might not always be true, it can be very helpful for teachers to pick up threads suggested in academic circles, and weave them into their own classroom.
  3. It is also comforting for parents, or education administrators outside of the school, to know that a teacher is not just blindly following what the latest study seems to suggest, but is transforming the knowledge into something meaningful.

4. Give Opportunities for Collegial interactions:

Isolation is one of the downsides of teaching. Teachers are often the sole adult in a room of children and have little or no time scheduled for professional conversations with others.

  1. Action research in pairs or by teams of teachers allows time to talk with others about teaching and teaching strategies.
  2. By working on these teams, teachers must describe their own teaching styles and strategies and share their thoughts with others.
  3. As a team, they examine various instructional strategies, learning activities, and curricular materials used in the classroom.
  4. Through these discussions with colleagues, they develop stronger relationships.

As the practice of action research becomes part of the school culture, we see increased sharing and collaboration across

    • Departments,
    • Disciplines,
    • Grade levels, and schools.

5. Improved Collegiality and Communications:

  1. Teamwork within the school or district brings individuals together for a shared purpose.
  2. Educators involved in action research become more flexible in their thinking and more open to new ideas.
  3. Studies suggest positive changes in patterns of collegiality, communication, and networking.

In spite of these, several additional importance of action research are as follows:

  1. It develops a scientific attitude in the teachers.
  2. It can raise the achievement level of the students.
  3. Curriculum can be developed with its help.
  4. It can remove the discrepancies among students & teachers which occur due to social causes.
  5. It can solve the problem of

    • Indiscipline,
    • Delinquency and
    • Backwardness.
  6. It can preserve democratic values by eliminating traditional and mechanical environments.
  7. By studying the interests needs & abilities of the students, teachers can adopt a teaching method by which the teaching may become interesting and all-around development of the students may take place.
  8. It enables the schools to organize proper programs for the development of the students.
  9. With its help, decisions can be taken regarding the day-to-day problems which come before the principles, supervisors, administrators, and managers.
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