Extramural Competition


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Extramural Competition

Meaning Of Extramural Competition

  • Extramural competitions are conducted between the player of 2 or more institutions.
  • In such competitions, selected players represent their institution in a particular game or sport in order to show their skill and bring honor to their institution.
  • Examples of such competition are inter-college, inter-university, etc.

Conduct of Extramural Competitions

To have better and result-oriented extramural competition from the conduct and organizing point of view they may be categorized and studied under 3 main heads.

  1. Practice Matches
  2. Closed Competitions
  3. Open Competitions

1) Practice Matches

  • Before the official scheduled competition, practice matches are arranged with the neighboring institutions clubs of a given locality and played for training purposes.
  • These matches are fixed beforehand with the understanding of both the teams and institutions.
  • These matches help both the teams to look into their weaknesses and follow the remedial measures.
  • It provides a competitive experience and also helps both teams to develop socialization.

2) Closed Competitions

  • The name of the competition is self-explanatory. These competitions are limited to particular types of institutions. For instance,
    • Inter-school competition,
    • Inter-college competition, and
    • Inter-university competition and so on.
  • To have better control and achieve the desired result, the entire jurisdiction of competing institutions is divided into different zones.
  • After the completion of the competitions in each zone, winners will meet in the inter-zonal competition for the institutional championship.
  • Generally, these competitions are conducted by their respective sports departments or sports boards/committees.

3) Open Competitions

  • In the open competition, anybody can participate through their respective affiliated units.
  • In the open competition any institution, department, or private agency is eligible to field a team.
  • It is not confined to any one category of people.
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