Aims of Health Education


What Are The Aims Of Health Education? | Lets Discuss Most Important Aim Of Health Education? | List And Explain Seven Main Aims Of Health Education -

Aims of Health Education

The following are some of the main aims of health education

1) To Maintain Norms Of Good Health:

  • The authorities should provide a hygienic environment in the form of

    • Adequate ventilation,
    • Proper temperature,
    • Good sanitation and all-around cleanliness.
  • It helps the authorities to keep certain forms of health.

2) To Provide Information About Health And Its Value As Community Asset:

  • Health education aims at acquainting with the rules of health and hygiene.
  • It provides Functioning of Precautionary measures towards diseases and provides good disease-free working conditions.

3) Precautionary And Preventive Measures:

  • If they are properly adopted can help in improving the health standards of society.

4) To Develop And Promote Mental And Emotional Health:

  • Mental and emotional health is also equally important along with physical health. Physically health makes a person physically fit, mental and emotional health enables him to maintain an even temper and a happy disposition

5) To Take Precautionary And Preventive Measures Against Communicable Diseases:

  • Its aim is to take adequate precautions against contamination and the spread of diseases.
  • Thus, good sanitary arrangements are made.

6) To Render Assistance To The School Going Children An Understanding Of The Nature And Purpose Of Health Services And Facilities:

  • It aims at discovering physical defects and other abnormalities in the child and promoting their reduction if they are easily curable.

7) To Develop A Sense Of Civic Responsibility:

  • School is a miniature society. Responsibility for skill health does not lie on anyone’s shoulders.
  • Even some cause of skill health has their origin in social conditions which require action on the part of the community as a whole in order to eradicate them.
  • It aims at realizing the people to make combined efforts and work for community health.
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