Language Across The Curriculum Syllabus


Language Across The Curriculum Syllabus, Course Content, Unit Wise Topics And Suggested Books For B.Ed 1st And 2nd Year And All The 4 Semesters In English Free Download PDF

Language Across The Curriculum Syllabus

Language Across The Curriculum Syllabus For B.Ed First Year, Second Year, And Semester 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th And 8th In English Language Free Download PDF For The Session 2020 - 2021 - 2022

Language Across The Curriculum

  • Max. Marks :50
  • Time: 1.30 Hours
  • (Theory: 40,Internal: 10)


  1. Paper setter will set five questions in all, out of which students will be required to attempt three questions.
  2. Q.No 1 will be compulsory and will carry 8 marks. There will be two short -answer type Questions of 4 marks each to be selected from the entire syllabus.
  3. Two long answer type question will be set from each of the two units, out of which the student will be required to attempt one question from each unit. Long- answer type questions will carry 16 marks each.

Course Outcomes (COs)

After transaction of the course, student teachers will be able to:

  1. Know the concept of language, Multilingualism and language diversity with various functions of language.
  2. Understand the relationship between language & learning and describe the elements of communicative approach.
  3. Integrate different language skills for effective classroom discourse.
  4. Analyze significance of language proficiency and knowledge acquisition.

Course Content / Syllabus



  1. Concept: Meaning & Nature of language
  2. Linguistic principles: Process of acquisition of language

Language & Learning

  • Functions of language & its basic assumptions: Communicative, Receptive & Expressive, Language and Society. First Language, Multilingualism. Language Diversity in class room.
  • Language Across Curriculum: - Relationship of language & learning, Role of Subject teacher.



  1. Concept and Importance
  2. Techniques and Material for developing Listening and speaking skill oral conversational and compositional skills

Reading & Writing skill

  • Concept, need & Importance
  • Techniques and Material for developing Reading and Writing, Reading Mechanics, Compositional writing.

Relationship of language Skills and subject knowledge of Teachers


Any one of the following:

  1. Subject wise group discussion, preparation of report and presentation before the group.
  2. Prepare a Diagnostic test to identify reading and writing problems of the school students.
  3. Prepare a representative sample of advocacy on rural issues / problems
  4. Letter writing, Notice, email messages representation on local issues and local challenges.
  5. Reflections on Gandhian thoughts : Panel discussion and preparation of report

Suggested Readings / Reference Books:

  • Agnihotri, R.K. (1995). Multilingualism as a classroom resource. In K. Heugh, A. Siegruhn, & P. Pluddemann (Eds.), Multilingual Education for South Africa (pp. 3-7), Heinemann Education Groups.
  • Freedman, S.W. & Dyson, A.H. (2003). Handbook of Research on Teaching English language Arts. Lawreuel Erlbaum Associates Inclave, USA: New Jersey.
  • Government of india. (1986). National Policy on Education. GOI.
  • Grellet, F. (1981) Developing Reading Skills: A practical guide to Reading Comprehension exercises. Cambridge University Press.
  • Kumar, Krishna. (2007). The child's language and the Teacher. New Delhi: National Book.
  • Mangal, U.(2010). Teaching of Hindi, New Delhi: Arya Book Depot.
  • National Curriculum Framework (2005), New Delhi: NCERT.
  • Sachdeva, M.S. (2013). Teaching of English. Patiala: Twenty First Century Publications.
  • Safaya, Raghunath. Methods of Teaching of Hindi. Jalandhar :Punjab Book Depot.
  • Sinha, S. (2009). Roseublatt's Theory of Reading. Explaining Literature contemporary education dialogue. 6(2), PP223-237.
  • Sullivan, M. (2008). Lessons for Guided writing. scholastic. National curriculum framework. (2005).

Note: This Is The General Pattern Of The Syllabus For Language Across The Curriculum Subject For B.Ed. The Topics, Units, Course Content, Question Paper Pattern And Recommended Author Books May Vary From Your B.Ed College Or University.

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