(Latest) Knowledge And Curriculum Syllabus


Knowledge And Curriculum Syllabus, Course Content, Unit Wise Topics And Suggested Books For B.Ed 1st And 2nd Year And All The 4 Semesters In English Free Download PDF

Knowledge And Curriculum Syllabus

Knowledge And Curriculum Syllabus For B.Ed First Year, Second Year, And Semester 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th And 8th In English Language Free Download PDF For The Session 2020 - 2021 - 2022

Knowledge And Curriculum

  • Max. Marks :100
  • Time: 3 Hours
  • (Theory: 80, Internal: 20)


  1. Paper setter will set nine questions in all, out of which students will be required to attempt five questions.
  2. Q.No 1 will be compulsory and will carry 16 marks. There will be four short -answer type Questions of 4 marks each to be selected from the entire syllabus.
  3. Two long answer type questions will be set from each of the four units, out of which the student will be required to attempt one question from each unit. Long- answer type questions will carry 16 marks each.

Course Outcomes (COs)

After the transaction of the course, student teachers will be able to:

  1. Understand the concept, sources, types and terms such as : Information, reasoning belief, truth and analysis.
  2. Analyze the thoughts of Great Educational thinkers.
  3. Understand the Basic Concept of Society.
  4. Describe the role of Economic, Cultural and Historical dimension of Education.
  5. Understand the concept and dimension and curriculum at different levels.
  6. Describe the determinants and basic consideration of curriculum development.
  7. Examine the concerns and issues related to curriculum.
  8. Critically analyses the concept, need and process of National Curriculum

Course Content / Syllabus


Knowledge Basis of Education

  • Concept, sources, types & Facets of Knowledge
  • Distinction between information & knowledge, belief & truth and reasoning & analysis.
  • Education and knowledge as visualized by different thinkers : Gandhi, Tagore, J. Krishnamurty Friedrich Frobel.


Social Basis of Education

  • Basic concepts of Society: Socialization, Equity and Equality, Modernity with reference to industrialization, democracy.
  • The role of culture, economy and historical forces in shaping the aims of education.
  • Individual opportunity, social justice and dignity in context of democratic education.
  • A study of Secularism, Nationalism and Universalism and their interrelationship with education.


Curriculum Development

  • Concept of Curriculum and Syllabus: Dimensions of Curriculum and their relationship with aims of education.
  • Curriculum at different levels- National, State and School.
  • Determinants of curriculum: Philosophical, Psychological, Sociological, Political, Culture and Economic.
  • Basic considerations in Curriculum Development.


Curriculum Practices

  • Teachers’ experiences and concerns: Laboratory work, Library, Field Survey, Group Discussion.
  • Nature of learner and learning process and subject matter.
  • Knowledge and ideology in relation to curriculum and text books.

National curriculum framework: Concept need and process of development.

Practicum/ Sessionals

Any two of the following:

  1. Socio-economic educational survey of near by village/ urban settings.
  2. Role of education in empowerment of weaker sections of society.
  3. To analyze and prepare a report on the present curriculum of Education Board/ CBSE in the light of various determinants of curriculum development.
  4. Filed survey on impact of present system of education on:
    1. Socialization of child
    2. Modernization with reference to industrialization and individual autonomy.
  5. To survey and prepare a project report on how far the present system of education is able to inculcate secularism, nationalism, and universalism.
  6. Blue Print of practice models of Gandhi ji /Tagore for rural reconstruction.

Suggested Readings  / REFERENCE BOOKS:

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Note: This Is The General Pattern Of The Syllabus For Knowledge And Curriculum Subject For B.Ed. The Topics, Units, Course Content, Question Paper Pattern And Recommended Author Books May Vary From Your B.Ed College Or University.

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