Need And Significance Of Teaching History


Is History Actually An Important Subject? – Need And Significance Of Teaching History | How Does History Help Us Understand Change, People And Societies

Need And Importance Of Teaching History

People live in the present, they plan for and worry about the future. History, however, is the study of the past.

All topics of education need justification and reason: its supporters must justify why it is valuable and worth giving attention to.

Historians do not

  • Arrest criminals,
  • Design highway,
  • Do heart transplants,
  • Or construct tall buildings etc.

In this social order that demands and expects education to provide useful aims and purposes, this scenario makes history extra difficult to describe & define as compare to medicine or engineering.

Therefore, many questions, doubts about learning and teaching history come instinctively like:

Why Does One Need To Take The Trouble And Study History?

The Reason why history still holds its position in present-day education can be traced back to leaders of the past who considered

  • Historical facts knowledge aid in differentiating educated from the uneducated and
  • Used historical facts as the screening tool.

For Instance: The individual who can

  • Name the person who came up with the Theory Of Evolution at about the same time that Darwin did (Wallace), or
  • Know the date of the Norman Conquest Of England (1066), was viewed as superior and exceptional - a better applicant for business promotion or even in law school.

Unfortunately, this practice can encourage rote learning—a real however not very likable feature of the subject.

  • Though this justification and reasoning is no use in learning and teaching history and is no longer accepted, but regrettably, this habit and practice are still carry on.

There is a lot to talk about the actual functions, needs, and importance of the history subject. Some of them are:

History Helps Us Understand People And Societies

"Although, many subjects made attempts to understand the functioning of societies and people none came closer to answer than history".

History presents the storehouse of data and all-embracing evidential base about

  • Analysis and contemplation of how civilizations, societies function and
  • HOW and WHY societies and people behave.

The Reason Why humans cannot stop or stay away from history is that:

  • Major features of a humanity's operation, such as
    • Elections,
    • Treaties,
    • Military alliances,
    • Religious activities etc., need historical data.

How can we evaluate war if the nation is at peace—unless we use historical materials?

  • To get familiar with the effect of technological modernization.
  • To know what role do beliefs perform in modeling family life, if we don't know and use what we know about experiences in the past?

Consequently, in the unescapable hunt to figure out complex societal settings:

  • The subject of history serve as mankind laboratory, though imperfectly, and
  • Data and Information from the past serve as mankind's most critical evidence.

History Helps Us Understand Change

With the study of history, man understands how incidents and situations change humans.

The past causes the present, and so the future.

Any time anybody tries to see why this present-day event happen we look for causes that took shape in past like:

  • Changes in political party and system in different nations,
  • War in the Middle East or in the Balkans.
  • Changes in the suicide, death rate, etc. all require facts and knowledge of the past.

History is undisputable. It is a discipline of serious and important study.

  • History knowledge makes one know, which elements of a society or an institution have withstood change.
  • Only in the course of history, one can begin to understand the factors and reasons causing change.

Occasionally, even recent history is sufficient to give explanations for major development, nevertheless time and again one needs to further go backward to know and identify the reasons for change.


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How Does History Help Us Understand Change, People And Societies Notes

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