The arrangement of the elements of the curriculum is called? - [MCQ's]

Q. The arrangement of the elements of the curriculum is called?

  1. A Curriculum Design
  2. Curriculum Foundation
  3. Curriculum Construction
  4. Curriculum Development

👉 ANSWER - 1

What is Curriculum Design? 

Curriculum is the medium for translating the educational theme in the teaching procedure to reach the desired objects.

Meaning And Definition of Curriculum Design 

The dictionary meaning for the term curriculum design is sketch. The other important meanings are model, plan, pattern, guide, blue-print, outline, mental scheme and so on. 

In the words of Raymon ‘Curriculum design is a hypothetical construct that contains many of the different components which must go into an educational programme or a course study’. 

While Preparing The Curriculum Design The Expert Should Take Into Account The Following Factors: 

  1. Social Needs of the Society
  2. Individual needs
  3. Nature of Activities
  4. Past Experiences of Students
  5. Clear Idea to the Teacher
  6. Social Philosophy
  7. Educational Principles
  8. Physical Education Objectives
  9. Improvement of the teacher
  10. Good relationship with the society 

Principles Of Curriculum Design According To The Needs Of The Students And State And National Policies 

The curriculum should be designed on the basis of the following principles:

  • Challenge and enjoyment
  • Depth
  • Personalization and choice
  • Breadth
  • Progression
  • Coherence
  • Relevance
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